2013 CSS Interview Important Questions

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2013 CSS Interview Important Questions

Following are important Questions for CSS 2013 interview:

  1. What is global warming, its causes and effects?

  2. What is ozon layer depletion?

  3. What is Maghreb?

  4. where is agean sea?

  5. what are three largest desert of world?

  6. what are three largest river of the world?

  7. What are three largest Mountain of world?

  8. what are three largest lake of the world?

  9. Where is arctic ocean located?

  10. what is an avalanche?

  11. Name the channel separating Britain and France?

  12. Which area is called as the land of midnight sun?

  13. Number of State in UAE?

  14. Which area is called the land of rising sun?

  15. Name the largest fort in asia?

  16. where is strait of Hormuz and what is its importance?

  17. What is GPS?

  18. What do you know about war of independence?

  19. what where the causes of division of Bengal?

  20. What was two nation theory?

  21. How did the country run before 1965?

  22. what where two biggest reasons of fall of Mughal empire?

  23. what was jallian wala bagh tragedy?

  24. Why abul kalam was not in favor of Pakistan?

  25. what do you know about objective resolution?

  26. what was wrong in redcliff award?

  27. what were the salient features of devolution plan 2013?

  28. what is the foreign policy of pakistan and its guiding principles?

  29. what are the objectives of foreign policy of pakistan?

  30. what is track I, II,III Diplomacy?

  31. what is panda, PingPong,Cricket, and Shuttle diplomacy?

  32. what is the geostrategic sigificance of pakistan?

  33. What do you know about pakistan and USA relations?

  34. What is your view regarding drone attacks by USA on areas of Pakistan?

  35. What are the disputed issues between India and pakistan?

  36. What is issue of siachin between pakistan and India?

  37. what is sir creek issue between pakistan and india?

  38. How do you see Indo-US nuclear deal and its implications on Pakistan?

  39. How can we improve pakistan and india relations?

  40. What do you know about pakistan and China relations?

  41. What do you know about Iran pakistan Gas pipline project?

  42. what is the issue of iran nuclear program?

  43. what is the significance of afghanistan in pakistan's foreign policy?

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