Belgium PhD student-Department of Chemical engineering and technical chemistry

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Belgium PhD student-Department of Chemical engineering and technical chemistry

Rational Catalyst Design for Tar Reforming: A Kinetics Driven Methodology  Aim Development of an innovative catalyst family for the reforming of the tar fraction obtained after biomass gasification.  Justification Biomass  gasification represents an alternative production route  towards  synthesis gas, i.e., CO + H2, rather than natural gas. A  significant  fraction of the processed biomass only partially decomposes  into larger  (hydro)carbon fragments than CO and, hence, requires further  treatment  to obtain the desired synthesis gas. A team comprising 14  European  industrials and academics that are amongst the leading experts  in the  field, has joined forces as part of a EC funded integrated  project to  tackle this issue and develop a catalyst that is matching the   challenging requirements. Rational catalyst design for  industrially relevant chemical  reactions belongs to the core expertise  of the Laboratory for Chemical  Technology at Ghent University. A unique  synergy between catalyst  synthesis and testing on the one hand and  detailed kinetic analysis on  the other hand provides a strategic  advantage on the route towards novel  catalysts. Program The  design of a novel reforming catalyst will be ‘kinetics driven’.  As a  first step pilot plant data acquired by project partners will be   ‘down-scaled’, i.e., the determining phenomena will be determined and   quantified by adequate kinetic models. This analysis will set the   boundaries for further activities in rational catalyst design at the   laboratory scale and up-scaling towards the industrial scale. A  comprehensive experimental program aimed at the determination of  tar  reforming kinetics will be pursued. Catalyst activity and stability   will be explored via high throughput testing. Intrinsic kinetics will be   determined by applying non-steady-state conditions using a Temporal   Analysis of Products (TAP) equipment. Both ‘as prepared’ and ‘used’   catalysts will be investigated and the observed kinetics will be   quantified by physically meaningful model parameters. Deactivation   behavior will be investigated in a microbalance reactor. Operating   condition effects, including the sulfur content that depends on the   performance of the gasification step, will be determined. Together with   catalyst characterization techniques an integrated, quantitative  picture  will be obtained on reforming catalysis, e.g., by establishing   quantitative structure activity relationships.  Advisors: Vladimir Galvita and Guy B. Marin

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Applicants must possess a MSc in Chemical Engineering or related  subject  and a TOEFL certificate with a minimum score of 95(iBT) or  equivalent.  Relevant experience in the area of reactor engineering,  kinetics, and/or  computational chemistry is strongly recommended.  Candidates must have a  strong mathematical background and be willing to  focus on obtaining  quantitative rather than qualitative results.  Excellent candidates with a  PhD in the above domains and willing to  spend between 1 and 3 years at  LCT can also apply for a postdoctoral  fellowship.

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Any additional information can be obtained by contacting   [email protected]. Any application should enclose a C.V., a one page   justification of your interest and the e-mail addresses of at least two   references.

Application Deadline :  8 December 2013

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Belgium PhD student-Department of Chemical engineering and technical chemistry is available to undertake level programs at .

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