American College of Surgeons

American College of Surgeons, founded in 1913, is situated in Chicago. The institution boasts of its excellence in the field of medicine and surgery. Throughout the world, the students of this renowned institution are eulogized for their dedication towards the altruistic goal of saving human lives and finding new means of dealing with serious ailments. The institution brings together a group of highly skilled surgeons with the motive of aiding operated patients in leading a better and simpler life. The institution incorporates the teaching of ethical standards to its students along with imparting skills related to their profession. The students of ACS are addressed as ‘Fellow of American College of Surgeons’ and this title is added to their names. The title ‘FACS’ implies that a student has gained superior level of proficiency and skill in his field and has obtained ceaseless training which has been evaluated on strict standards. It also entails that the student possesses high ethical standards. The revered title of a ‘FACS’ is given to a student only when he has gained ample experience. For surgeons with less experience, another title is awarded i.e. ‘Associate Fellow’. ACS has approximately 4000 FACS and 2600 AF presently. The institution also has other students which include ‘medical students’, ‘team members’ and ‘surgeons’. The number of fellows along with other members comes to around 77000 pupils which in turn, makes this institution one of the biggest providers of education to surgeons throughout the world. Various programs and courses are offered by ACS. Some of them are ‘Comprehensive General Surgery Review’ program, Program in ‘Fundamentals of Surgery’, ‘Surgical Education’ and ‘Self-Assessment’ and courses in ‘Surgical Skills for Residents’. Other courses include ‘Fundamentals of Laparoscopic Surgery’, ‘Surgical Education’, etc. To provide the students access to the latest innovations in the field of medicine, the institution also sponsors educational programs like Clinical Congress. Such programs update the students about recent developments in the arena of surgical care. ACS has also come up with SESAP (Surgical Education and Self-Assessment Program) to enable practicing surgeons to broaden their knowledge pool. To practice as a fellow at ACS, the student must be a graduate in medicine along with a license to practice medicine and an experience of one year in surgery.
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