Best Graduate School for Psychology

A number of schools around US offer psychology programs but there are certain schools which has gained worldwide reputation for its course material and alumni. The different ranking systems place these schools on the top of the list pretty much consistently. They have a rigorous selection procedure which ensures that the best students gain entry into these colleges. Most of these universities offer a variety of programs in the field of psychology. University of California, Berkeley The University of California has a number of graduate programs that are much in demand among the aspiring students. The Psychology department of this university offers a bachelor’s degree and has adequate facilities for students aspiring to do a PhD in Psychology. The university offers specializations in various fields like Cognitive Behavior and Behavioral Neuroscience. Stanford University The Psychology Department in Stanford University is revered world over for its distinguished faculty. They offer courses at graduate and PhD level. Students can specialize in areas like Neuroscience, Affective Science, Social Psychology and Developmental. Stanford University is one of the premier institutions in this field and it attracts many applications throughout the year. Harvard University The psychology department in this prestigious university has five major research programs that have earned reputation over the years. The university has made major breakthroughs in research in fields like Cognition, Social and Organizational Behavior and Clinical Science.                         Some of the biggest names in Psychology like Henry Murray, George Miller and Gordon Allport are all products of this world famous university. They have a very good research program and till today they are considered as pioneers in this field of study. University of California, Los Angeles The University offers undergraduate and graduate programs in psychology. The students receive the highest degree of training and they get the opportunity to work in various universities, clinics and hospitals. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor The media has always highlighted the psychology department of University of Michigan as one of the best in the country. There are undergraduate and graduate programs on offer. The research programs are critically acclaimed and the university boasts of a superb faculty. The students get a hands-on learning experience and there is scope for inter-disciplinary studies.   The above-mentioned schools are the best in the field of psychology studies. If you are aspiring to become a psychologist then you must know that the salaries for psychologists in the United States are one of the best in the world. There are huge employment opportunities in the psychology sector; so it is a good idea to seek a career in this field. The salary in this field is very competitive. There are some other universities where the Department of Psychology is held in high esteem. Some of these universities are •    Yale University •    University of Illinois – Urbana Champaign •    Princeton University •    University of Wisconsin, Madison •    University of Texas, Austin •    Ohio State University •    Columbia University •    Cornell University •    Indiana University, Bloomington •    John Hopkins University •    University of Chicago There are some universities in Europe which have are now doing good research in the field of psychology namely •    University of Manchester, UK •    University of Southampton, UK •    Grote Kruisstraa, Netherlands •    University of Birmingham, UK •    University of Cambridge, UK
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