Courses Offered in Oxford University

The University of Oxford was established in the year 1096, when education had begun to acquire prominence in Oxford. In the year 1167, English students were prohibited from going to the University of Paris by the English Monarch Henry II. English students then began to attend the University of Oxford and this helped the university to expand. Today, the University of Oxford is one of the best universities in the world. Students from all around the globe compete to get a position at this university.

Oxford University Courses

The University of Oxford follows the collegiate system of education. There are presently thirty eight autonomous colleges under Oxford University. There are also six private halls at Oxford University. Some of the oldest colleges at oxford university are University College, Balliol College and Merton College. All these colleges at oxford university were established during the thirteenth century. The newest college at oxford university is the Green Templeton College. The Green Templeton college was founded at the University of Oxford in the month of October in the year 2008. The largest college at the University of Oxford is the St Catherine’s College. The college has as many as 741 students. The Green Templeton, Linacre, St Antony, Wolfson, St Cross and Nuffield colleges only house the graduate students. There are many baccalaureate courses which you can avail of at Oxford University. There are baccalaureate courses which are offered in Theology, Education, Fine Arts and Arts. There are four main divisions at the University of Oxford, namely Physical and Life Sciences, Medical Sciences, Social Sciences, Humanities and Mathematics. Some of the university’s undergraduate offerings are courses in Anthropolgy and Archaeology, History, Medicine, Computer Science, Theology, Physics and Music. There are many graduate degrees which are offered at Oxford University. The university of Oxford offers masters degree programs in Philosophy, Letters, Science, Surgery, Business Administration, Theology Studies, Education, Juris and the Fine Arts. There are also doctorate degrees offered by the University of Oxford in Civil Law, Divinity, Letters, Science, Medicine, Philosophy, Music, Engineering and Clinical Pyschology. The university offers undergraduate as well as graduate studies to international student. It caters to students from all around the world. The university also has an established online and distance learning program which could be useful if you wish to get your degree from your home country. In addition to the usual offerings, you will also find that there are short courses  which are offered by the online learning program on Art History, Archaeology, Economics, Creative Writing, English Literature, Philosophy, Study Skills Development and History. If you are an international student at Oxford University, then there are many good scholarships which you can avail of. Some of the well known scholarships which enable you to study at Oxford  are the Common Wealth Scholarship and the Felix Scholarship. The Common Wealth Scholarship would apply to you if you belonged to any of the Common Wealth countries. The Felix Scholarship is specifically meant for students from India. There are various other scholarships for students from other countries.

System Of Teaching At Oxford University

Most of the teaching in Oxford University is done in tutorials with the College professors. There are usually just one or two students per tutor. The tutorial system at Oxford University gives you the unique opportunity of discussing topics and essays with your tutor. The tutors are often experts in their chosen fields. Each tutorial lasts for only one hour. You have to do three tutorials per week. You will be given a reading list beforehand. Thereafter it is up to you to search for the relevant books, read them and the write an essay. The tutorial gives you an opportunity to refine your arguments as well as your understanding rather than being taught by the material in the texts. The tutorials could take place in your college, but they could also take place in other colleges, particularly if your subject is a specialized one. Apart from tutorials, lectures are also provided by the university in the morning. The standard of the lectures at PPE (Politics, Philosophy and Economics) are particularly very good.

Entrance Requirements At Oxford University

If you are applying for an undergraduate course at the University of Oxford, you will have to qualify the A level examinations or their international equivalent. If you are applying for post graduate courses, then you will need a 2:1 honours degree at least. There are many other requirements depending on the kind of course which you wish to study at the university. If you are applying for a doctoral program, you will need a good research proposal accompanied by a substantial list of publications. If you are an international student who is applying for admission to the university, then you will have to take the international English language test which is known as IELTS if you come from a country whose native language is not English.

Oxford University Press

The University of Oxford started printing as early as the year 1480. The Oxford University Press is the largest most university press in the whole world. The Oxford University Press is a department of Oxford University and is governed by fifteen academics who are appointed by the Vice Chancellor of the University. They are known as the Delegates of the Oxford University Press. You can find a wide variety of academic publications that are published by the Oxford University Press. One of the most famous publications by the Oxford University Press is the Oxford English Dictionary. The Oxford University Press also publishes academic journals, both in the humanities as well as the sciences. The Oxford University Press is in fact one of the first ever university presses to have brought out what is known as an open access journal. The Oxford University Press has also introduced the Hybrid open access journals. These journals enable you to read academic works by eminent scholars no matter in which part of the world you are residing in. Thus studying in Oxford could definitely be a wonderful experience. The University offers a wonderful variety of courses as well as an excellent teaching ambience.
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