COVID19: Corona Virus Protection tips for International Students

The corona virus has affected more than 100 countries as of now. These include the top study destinations for international students. To mention china, UK and Australia, at the moment, are jolted with corona virus spread. Universities, colleges and schools are being shut for an undecided period. In case you are an international student living abroad and stuck in the host country, we suggest you following tips to stay healthy.

  • Don’t panic and do not make any travelling decision in haste.
  • Try to avoid gatherings and universities until the situation is neutralized.
  • Keep good hygiene.
  • Use hand sanitizers frequently.
  • Wear mask if you are visiting a market to buy or collect groceries.
  •  Avoid seeing those who are sick and have suspicious symptoms.
  • Must do indoor exercise and avoid going gyms.
  • Stay in contact with your country’s embassy and officials.
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