Hiring trainee lawyer Internship in Japan And for ASEAN, Overseas candidates JP career Japan 2022

Company Info

We take interns in our Tokyo office and various offices
in the ASEAN region. comprehensive law firms all over Japan

Overseas candidates able to apply / Russia, Europe, India, Sri Lanka, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Iran, Indonesia, North America, Turkey, Africa, South America, and Arabia.


Job Description

Recruitment information for prospective judicial training
Law-related research work in ASEAN + South Asia in collaboration with local lawyers, and various contracts. Review, SEAN
+ Trials, mediation services, etc. in South Asia

Work location: Tokyo, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar office

Business fields: M & A, establishment of controlling company/reorganization of Asian subsidiaries, dispute resolution, compliance/fraud investigation, real estate, finance, labor law, intellectual property, venture company support, etc.

Our office is recruiting judicial apprentices. In addition to seminars for young lawyers and study sessions by local lawyers, there is also a system in which members of each country's office work in different offices and learn the laws of other countries so that they can provide advice from ASEAN + South Asian countries borderless. We are hiring and we are putting great effort into developing human resources.


Working Hour



Internship Requirement

1 * Resume with face photo (please fill in if you have the desired work location
2: University and Law school transcripts
3: Copy of examination report (only for those who have passed the examination)
4: Copy of Bar examination results
5: TOEIC, TOEFL, and other language qualification certification



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