Masters Degree Courses in Media Studies at the Swansea University, UK

The Swansea University is located in the beautiful scenic area of Parkland, and it was founded in 1920. It is ranked amongst some of the top universities of United Kingdom for its faculty, study environment and research facilities. The School of Media and Communication Studies offers the following Masters Degree programmes in media studies: Masters in Comparative Journalism- this course focuses on the cross cultural and international approach to journalism in the present century. The course aims to study the different forms of media and structure of journalism prevalent in different countries of the world and also offers a study of the theory and method of comparative journalism. This course combines both theoretical and practical teaching with ample scope of research. Masters in Digital Media- this course offers studies in digital theory, journalism and new technologies, creative arts, software studies, critical approaches to new media, research methods for new media forms, philosophy of technology, international development and communication, political economy of media, media/medium theory and information aesthetics/data visualization. Students interested to work in digital media or do further research in this field can find this course suitable. Masters in Professional Media Practice- this degree is helpful for those professionals who are already in the field of media and want to enhance their skills, and also for the graduates who can acquire new skills in public relations, journalism, web designing and video production. A student has to undertake study in six modules and also complete a dissertation or a project in Professional Media Practice. Masters in Screening/Staging Europe- this programme focuses on studying and analyzing European theatre, film and television. For this purpose a student can chose any of the two pathways: 1) Screening Europe which includes studies in Celtic screens, screenwriting, film adaptation, etc. and 2) Stage and Screen in Europe which focus on conflict, politics and propaganda in European Theatre, images of women in European Theatre, and adaptations on European Screen to name a few. European Masters Degree in Professional Media Practice: this degree is useful for students who want to gain professional and media related skills for practice in contemporary media. This degree is recognized across the European Higher Education area as outlined by the Bologna process. This course contains study of six modules along with a dissertation or a Professional Media Practice Project.  
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