Open Yale Courses At Yale University - How to Take Free Online Courses From Yale University

Yale University is one of the most famous universities of the world, offering great programs in arts and sciences. Students from all over the world enroll in this university each year to receive education and knowledge from some of the most renowned teachers. Since the time the university has been established, the aim has been to spread education to as many people as possible, in their filed or area of interest. However, the university recognizes the fact that not everyone can afford to come to the university and attend regular classes. While some have financial constraints, others are geographically far away, and still others have different commitments to deal with. So Yale decided to come with the concept of Open Yale Courses. OY Courses are open to anyone and everyone who has an Internet connection, and a willingness to study. These require no registration, and are free of charge. The learning materials, videos etc. of selected programs from the Yale College are available under OYC, and anyone can download these to study them. You can also mix and match materials from different courses and download them as per your needs. More than profits, Yale is concerned about making education accessible to all, which is why it started with OYC. Besides, the programs help the university to establish a position for itself all over the world. Open Yale Courses do not give any credits to students. Also, there is no possibility of interaction with the faculty members. But these courses are very good for those who are already pursuing similar programs elsewhere, and would like Yale education materials to act as supplements. Besides, you can always take these courses to see if a particular subject interests you or not, and based on that, you can enroll for a proper degree program later. You will find great Open Yale Courses on a variety of subjects, including English, Psychology, Economics, Physics, Philosophy, Music, Biomedical Engineering, Classics, History of Art, Chemistry, Astronomy, and Politics etc. For updates on new courses and other related information, you can always check the OYC website, which has all the details mentioned clearly. Yale has indeed set a benchmark in free online education materials and courses.
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