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in order to become a certified teacher In the USA, every school teacher is required to go take the Praxis series of examination as it is mandatory. The Praxis is given in three parts – Praxis I, Praxis II and Praxis III. Praxis test is conducted to check the level of knowledge and learning of the teachers. Many states in the USA have made it compulsory for their teachers to be armed with the Praxis certificate. Not only is clearing the testing important but a high score is also expected of the teachers. The American Educational Testing Service carries out the exams across various states. Praxis I or the Pre Professional Skills test (PPST) is divided in three sections – reading, writing (grammar and language skills), and mathematics. The test consists of majority of multiple choice questions with a few long answers type questions as well. One can opt between taking a paper based exam or a computer based exam. The exam fee is of course different for both the types. Besides, computer based Praxis I exam can be completed in a day or the three sections can be completed on three different dates. A duration of 4 ½ hours is given for combined test with a break of 15 minutes. Duration of two hours (no break) is given if you take test for each section separately. Praxis I is important for getting your license as a teacher. A good score in this test is also helpful for getting admission in a teacher education program. Praxis II has tests based on various subjects and a candidate has to give his/her choice of subjects for this test during the time of application. The preferred subject has to be the one in which the candidate has majored. This is the reason Praxis II is referred to as subject specific content assessments. The test has three sections – section one is for subject assessments, section two tests ‘principles of learning and teaching’ and section three is for checking teaching foundations. Applications for paper based Praxis can be bought by paying a registration fee of $50. This is a non-refundable payment. Praxis I computer based combined test can be taken by paying a fee of $130. Individual tests costs for the three sections are $80, $120 and $160 respectively. The examination fee for Praxis II is between $120 and $140 for each exam. Applications are entertained after the due date with a late fee charge of $45 each for Praxis I and Praxis II.  
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