How to Get Study VISA for UK?

Student VISA for UK

Student VISA for UK is of  following Types:
  1. Student Visitor VISA:
This category have been introduced for those students who want to go to UK for completion of a short term course, usually of 6 months. A short course may include English language course or any technical course.
  1. Study VISA / Student VISA:
Government of United Kingdom have divided Student VISA into two categories. A student VISA is usually for more than 6 months period. The first category is called CHILD STUDENT VISA. This category is for students between 04 years to 17 years of age. The Second category is called as ADULT STUDENT VISA. This category is for students above age of 17 years. This VISA is provided to students who seek higher education in UK. IMPORTANT TO NOTE: As per UK Immigration rules in “Points Based System” the study visa falls in “Tier 2 General”. And it needs 40 points under this system to apply for study VISA. However for Pakistan yet this system is not applicable and the old manual method of application submission is to be opted. Procedure of Applying for Study VISA to UK  First of all a student is required to select a course and contact university in UK and get admission secured. It is important to check that university in which you are applying is recognized by Government of UK. Here is the remaining procedure step wise:
  1. Make contact with university through internet and send copies of your educational documents. And fulfill all educational requirements as per university’s eligibility criteria.
  2. Submit Registration Fees and all other dues. After this the university will issue you a VISA letter (in this case the university will become your sponsor in UK after issuing you VISA Letter).
  3. Take VISA Letter to VISA application Centre and properly apply for study VISA. You will have to take appointment for this step before going to submit VISA Letter with application. At this point you will be interviewed.
How to take appointment for submitting VISA Letter:
  1. Got UKBA website link click here.
  2. Fill up the form.
  3. Print the final completed form.
  4. Call on landline Number between 8:00 Am to 1:00 PM on 090010411. And take appointment. They will give you appointment and tell you regarding further instructions of fee and document that would be required on the day of appointment.
Interview Guidelines for Study VISA for UK:
  • Take all your educational documents with you for interview.
  • Remember to take VISA letter issued from university.
  • Bank Statement which shows that you will be able to afford yourself in UK. If you are submitting you relative’s or family member’s bank statement than take responsibility letter from you relative and a relation proving certificate of any kind will be required.
What to do if you don’t get VISA: If you think that you are perfectly eligible and you have been rejected for VISA without a cogent reason, you can go into appeal against the decision. In this regard you can consult Immigration Advisory Service, a volunteer organization, which may also file appeal for you. Its address is as follows Immigration Advisory Service 3rd Floor, Country House, 190 Great Dover Street, London (SE1 4YB) Contact: 004402088141559 You can also submit your appeal by yourself at UK border Agency Visa application Center British High Commission, Diplomate Enclave Ramna-5, P.O BOX: 1122, Islamabad.   Disclaimer: Above provided material is not official and do not belong to any official organization. This material is intended, but not promised or guaranteed to be current, complete or up to date. However, honest efforts have been made to provide comprehensive information for the benefit of users. Website and its owner holds no responsibility in any case.
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