Top Schools Of Law In New York City,USA

New York City is the home of oldest law schools in the United State of America. For those who are considering getting into one of the best law schools then this article will be of great use to them. The colleges and universities in New York are quite popular worldwide. New York University School of law is one of the oldest schools of law here. It was established in the year 1835 and is a part of the New York University. There are different degrees in law that are provided by this school are Juris Doctor Degree, Doctor of Laws Degree and Masters of Laws Degree. Juris Doctor Degree is also popularly called as J.D. It is the first professional degree a student obtains in law. This degree is offered by many colleges and universities across the nation. Completing four years of degree at college with a major that is prior to taking up law for future education, can be continued with J.D degree course. It is a three year full time course. Doctor of Law degree is also called as J.S.D. can be achieved when an individual has got into the most advanced level of education. It is the highest degree that one can achieve in life. Doctor of Law degree is one of the highest; an individual can obtain in this field. Masters of Law Degree is also called as L.L.M. is also an advanced degree level. An individual takes up L.L.M. when he or she decides to take up a specific area of law. Another top law school in the New York City is the Columbia Law School. This school was established in the year 1858. It is one of the most popular professional training schools in the New York City. It is a part of Columbia University and is also a member of the Ivy League. This law school provides different degrees in law for the benefit of students. Individual who pass out from these top law schools are sure to have better future in the field of law as they are exposed to different training and learning procedures.
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