Top Universities in Mexico

Mexico is an education hub that has 700 private and 500 public universities. The bachelor’s degrees offered by the Mexican universities are also known as licenciaturas. These degrees have a duration of four to five years. Apart from offering these degree programs, there are certain schools that offer excellent educational facilities up to PH.D. In this article, we will list the best universities in Mexico. Top 11 Universities In Mexico

Universidad del Noreste

This university offers bachelor’s & master’s degrees in various fields such as health, early childhood education, digital design, psychotherapy and psychology. Located in Tamaulipas, the university came into being in 1970. It is a private university.

Panamericana Sede México

Founded in 1967, this university was initially started as a business school. Later, two schools: Instituto Panamericano de Humanidades and Instituto Panamericano de Alta Dirección de Empresas were merged to make it a university. It is a private Catholic university that offers more than 16 undergraduate programs such as psychology, philosophy, engineering, law, communication, health and administration etc. It also offers theology as a subject.

Juarez Autonoma de Tabasco

Founded in 1879, Universidad de Juarez de Tabasco is also called UJAT. This public university is located in Tabasco. It offers bachelor’s and master’s degrees in various disciplines such as agricultural sciences, arts and education, biological sciences, engineering, health, architecture, economics, basic sciences, administrative sciences and computer systems. This university is known for providing quality education. It was founded by Benito Juárez García when he was president of Mexico.

Universidad Veracruzana

This public university was founded in 1944. It has schools across the southeast Mexico. There are 32 schools in Xalapa, 13 in Poza Rica and 13 in Veracruz. It offers degree programs in various fields such as arts, biology, health, agriculture, business administration, education, liberal arts and economics. The university has over 28 institutes & research centers, 50 schools, a language center, an arts workshop, a hospital, technology lab and excellent library services.

Universidad de Las Americas

It is one of the best universities in Mexico. Established in 1940, it was earlier named as Mexican City College. In 1960s, its name was changed to University of Americas. These days, it is formally known as Universidad de Las Americas. Located in Puebla, it is recognized by the Southern Association of Colleges and School. The campus is built on a land of 180 acres. The classes are divided in six buildings. There are two more buildings that comprise of labs. Apart from a cafeteria and a gymnasium, the university offers many sports facilities such as tennis courts, a baseball field and soccer fields. The library has an extensive collection of magazines, books and journals.

Universidad Iberoamericana

Universidad Iberoamericana is a renowned university in Mexico. It is a private university that is known for imparting higher education. The main campus of the university resides in Santa Fe whereas its other branches are located at Guadalajara, Puebla, Torreon, Playas de Tijuana and Leon. It has the honor of having the largest library in Mexico. There are more than 2000 faculty members and around 11,000 students. The education system is designed to give personal attention to the students. It follows Spanish language while giving instructions.

Universidad de Quintana Roo

With the main campus at Quintana Roo, the university aims at imparting excellent education and training the students in various areas such as technology, social sciences, humanity, basic sciences etc. It has various branches across Mexico. Technological advancement is incorporated in sustentative areas. There are two libraries in the University. The education system of the university allows the students to enhance their learning skills. The faculty members have made a contribution in the field of education and received prestigious awards for the same.

Universidad Chontalpa

Located at Tabasco, Universidad Popular de la Chontalpa is a coeducational university. It was established in 1995. The university aims at contributing to the socio-economic development of the state of Cardenas. It exhibits knowledge, excellence and quality and prepares students to survive in the challenging work environment.

Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico

This university was established in 1910. It is a well-known university that offers excellent study programs. One of the leading educational institutions of Latin America, it offers cultural, educational and scientific projects. There are six campuses of the university across Mexico. The outreach centers of the university are located in Canada, Spain and USA. Apart from providing education, it promotes humanity by organizing various human activities. It also aims at preserving the culture and has a vast collection of murals, easel paintings, numismatics machines and instruments, sculptures, books, popular arts & crafts etc.

Universidad de Colima

Founded in 1940, it is a public university that forms many scientists and professionals by providing quality education with humanistic, innovative and creative tools. The university has many campuses in Colima. It aims at producing skillful professionals who can serve the society.

Universidad de Guanajuato

Founded in 1732, this university offers many undergraduate, masters & doctorate degrees. It has enrolled over 17,000 students in the study programs. There are 153 educational programs that includes 65 bachelor’s degrees, 39 master’s degrees and 13 doctorates. It has 14 schools in Guanajuato. The university has an excellent faculty that offers quality education to the students.
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