Universities Of New Jersey

The Universities of New Jersey offer a variety of academic programs to empower their students so that they realize their potential as the future leaders and make significant contribution to their community. There are a number of universities in the state of New Jersey.

In this write-up, you’ll get a brief idea of the courses offered by some of the popular universities of New Jersey.

Universities of New Jersey And Their Courses

The State University of New Jersey at Rutgers is one of best research institutions in the nation. It attracts students from around 125 countries and offers academic programs through 27 schools and colleges. It is one of the popular land-grant institutions in the nation. It offers undergraduate and graduate programs.

In addition, the university offers courses on continuing education like poetry writing or certificate programs for business executives. There are courses on visual arts, biology, engineering, and neuroscience as well as doctorate programs on management. The university offers adult degree programs also.

One of the popular universities of New Jersey is the Montclair State University offering a variety of undergraduate and graduate courses. It offers majors in around 300 subjects apart from minors and certification programs in various subjects. It has 6 schools and colleges offering academic programs. Be it arts, humanities and science, you’ll find courses on every field of study being offered here.

At Montclair State University, there are courses offered on art and design, media and communication, music as well as theater. From general humanities, linguistics to sociology and gender studies, you’ll find it all available at the college of humanities and social sciences. Then there are computer science, mathematics, chemistry and bio science courses that need special mention.

Another university where you can enroll is the New Jersey City University which offers courses ranging from liberal arts and media studies to business management, nursing and criminal justices. The undergraduate programs on liberal arts (like French and philosophy), organic chemistry, biomedical engineering, etc. offered here are worth mentioning. The graduate courses on arts, mathematics, modern languages, music and dance help develop your knowledge so that you stay a step ahead of others.

These are some of the universities which can help fulfill your academic goals. It is advisable that you go through the programs and their prospects thoroughly before enrolling in any of them.

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