Uppsala University, Sweden

Uppsala University, Sweden

This is the oldest university in sweden which was established in 1477.It ranks among the best universities in Northern Europe in international rankings.

The university has nine faculties distributed over three "disciplinary domains". It has about 23,000 full-time students, and about 2,400 doctoral students. It has a teaching staff of roughly 4,000 (part-time and full-time) out of a total of 6,200 employees.

Uppsala University

Twenty-four percent of the 575 professors at the university are women. Of its turnover of 5.5 billion SEK (approx. 850 million USD) in 2012, 29% went to education on basic and advanced level, while 67% went to research and research programs.


Through division of faculties and the addition of a previously independent school of Pharmacy as a new faculty, the traditional four-faculty organization of European universities has evolved into the present nine faculties:

  • The disciplinary domain of Arts and Social Sciences includes the Faculty of Arts , the Faculty of Social Sciences , the Faculty of Languages , the Faculty of Theology, the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Educational Sciences (formerly the Department of Education, that was raised to the status of a faculty in its own right in 2002).
  • The disciplinary domain of Medicine and Pharmacy includes the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Pharmacy. The Faculty of Pharmacy was originally an independent "royal institute" in Stockholm, which was moved to Uppsala and incorporated with the university between 1968 and 1972.
  • The disciplinary domain of Science and Technology includes only the Faculty of Science and Technology.* The engineering programs have from 1982 been marketed as the Uppsala School of Engineering (Uppsala Tekniska Högskola). This has however never been a separate institution, but only a unit within the Faculty of Science and Technology and use of the term has been phased out after the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences was renamed the Faculty of Sciences and Technology in the 1990s.
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