CARIM Postdoctoral Talent Fellowship to Study Abroad, 2018

  • Fellowship, Post Doctorate
  • International Students
  • Netherlands

Scholarship Description:

CARIM Postdoctoral Talent Fellowship to Study Abroad, 2018 is open for International Students . The scholarship allows Fellowship, Post Doctorate level programm(s) in the field of taught at . The deadline of the scholarship is .

Scholarship Description:  Applications are invited for CARIM – Postdoctoral Talent Fellowship to provide recently promoted top CARIM talent a chance to gain experience abroad and return to CARIM to perform excellent research. International students are eligible to apply for this fellowship.

Scholarship Provider: The “CARIM – Postdoctoral Talent Fellowship” has been designed to support talented CARIM PhD students in realising an ambitious, innovative and international one-year research project as a postdoc. The “CARIM – Postdoctoral Talent Fellowship” is intended for recently graduated CARIM PhD students.

With an annual budget of almost 21,000,000 Euros, CARIM is one of the largest cardiovascular research institutes in Europe, producing more than 500 scientific articles and approximately 45 PhD dissertations per year. Thus CARIM provides a dynamic, critical learning environment, which proves to be fertile ground for top achievements in the field of cardiovascular research.

Degree Level: Fellowships are available to pursue Postdoctoral programme.

Available Subject: The fellowship is meant to keep top CARIM talents connected to our institute by giving the opportunity to go abroad, thereby gaining the experience required for writing excellent grant proposals. Therefore, the main requirement for this fellowship is that approximately 9 months (min. of 6) shall be spent at a partner institute outside the Netherlands to acquire (further) abroad experience and strengthen the international network of the candidate and PI(s) involved.The candidate should use this year for setting up abroad collaborations and be writing a proposal for a postdoc position (e.g. the NWO VENI-program) and will be judged on his intentions of enacting this grand from within CARIM.

Scholarship Benefits: It offers a competitive salary for a one-year post-doctoral position. The fellowship amounts to € 53,011gross (in accordance with 2016 scale 10-4 for salary costs) which is meant for a period of 12 months. Bench fees are not included in this fellowship. The fellowship includes one return flight to the host institute (based on economy fare).


Eligibility Criteria: To be eligible for this scholarship you must meet the following requirements:
Candidates are eligible to enter the “CARIM – Postdoctoral Talent Fellowship” procedure from the start of their fourth year of the PhD training and should not be older than 35 years. Furthermore, the fellowship should be started within 3 months after the Ph.D.-defence or after a written approval of the thesis.

Exceeding the date to start will cause the board to withdraw the award of the “CARIM – Postdoctoral Talent Fellowship”. In case the selected candidate rejects the fellowship, the funds will be transferred to the next eligible candidate or made available for a second fellowship during the next round, this at the discretion of the selection committee.

The application of the candidate in the framework of the “CARIM – Postdoctoral Talent Fellowship” will be checked against the following criteria (without prioritizing):

  • The candidate should have a clear connection to CARIM.

  • The quality, innovative potential and scientific impact of the proposal

  • Choice (incl. motivation) and reputation of the chosen partner institute where a minimum of 6 months will be spent

  • Motivation, ambition and enthusiasm of the candidate researcher

  • Written letters of recommendations by current and previous supervisors (with possible oral follow-up)

  • Availability of bench-fees during the fellowship within CARIM and the partner institute

  • Candidate’s ambitions during the (mandatory/minimal) 6 months abroad

  • Content-based oral defence of the proposal by the candidate

  • Post-fellowship postdoc opportunities within CARIM and/or partner institute

  • Publications in general and first authorship

Application Procedure: There will be one call a year, and the deadline for the “CARIM – Postdoctoral Talent Fellowship” is the 13thof May, 00.00 hours. To apply for the “CARIM – Postdoctoral Talent Fellowship”, the applicants from within (or connected to) CARIM are invited to submit an application (by mail) to the CARIM office (

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Deadline: May 13, 2018

Degree Level:

CARIM Postdoctoral Talent Fellowship to Study Abroad, 2018 is available to undertake Fellowship, Post Doctorate level programs at .

Available Subjects:

Following subject are available to study under this scholarship program.


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