Current Affairs Important Topics for CSS 2014

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Current Affairs Important Topics for CSS 2014

Forget about the guess papers and skipping topic because when it comes to Current Affairs each and every topic has it own importance. Try and do go through all of them so that you must at least have a bit of an idea about everything. Going through all this will not only benefit you all in Current Affairs but will also help you in Essay, Pak Affairs and various other optional subjects.

Core Issues

  • Kashmir Dispute

  • Israel Conflict

  • Water Disputes

  • Baluchistan Issue

  • Geo-Strategic position of Pakistan

  • Economic Potential of Central Asia and Western Interest

  • Kalabagh Dam

  • Gwadar Port and its strategic significance

National issues

  • Suggestions to manage political instability in Pakistan

  • How Pakistan can reduce foreign debt

  • Drone Attack and Its Implications

  • Terrorism/Extremism and Militancy in Tribal Areas

  • Corruption and Accountability in Pak

  • Pak Iran Gas Pipe Line Project

  • NFC Award and Provincial Autonomy

  • Demand for New Provinces

  • 18th, 19th and 20th Amendments

  • Democracy in Pakistan

  • Energy Crisis

  • Sovereignty of Pakistan

  • Territorial Violation

  • Poverty

  • Illiteracy

  • Judicial Activism

International Issues

  • Oil Prices

  • World Economic Crisis

  • Global Warming

  • Syrian crisis

  • Iran nuclear technology

  • Water Crisis

  • AFPAK policy

  • Indian seat in Permanent Security Council and its implications on Pakistan

International Relation

  • PAK-USA,

  • PAK-China

  • US-China

  • Russia-USA)

  • Pak-India

(Kashmir issue, Junagarh Dispute, Sir Creek Dispute, Rann of Kutch, wars of 1965 and 1971, Siachin Conflict, Kargil issue, 26/11, Water dispute and Indus Basin Treaty, insurgency at borders)

International Organizations

  • UNO

  • OIC

  • SCO

  • EU

  • SAARC v/s ASEAN and US.

And Events that Changed World Politics.

  • World wars

  • Cold war

  • USSR invasion of Afghanistan

  • Afghan War

  • Great Game

  • 9/11 incident and its impacts


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