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Pakistani society, since freedom, is striving toward progress. A society and press are interrelated. Pakistani journalism particularly urdu journalism has made much progress in last decades. The developments are:

  1. Supply of NEWS:

Previously news reached late to office but nowadays it reaches in time. Installation of teleprinters has given much help in this regard. News is also gathered from radio and TV. Newspapers have their correspondents at different locations around the world who gather information and send it to office. Now days fax machines are used. Direct to home DTH technology is also available. Internet serves this purpose very well. Reports use mobiles. Live telecast is very easy nowadays.

  1. Makeup:

Make up is process of assembling a page or the art of putting effectively and artistically matters on the page. Before partition the make up of the news papers was meeting standards. Imroze, jang, Nawa-e-waqt, Express now come with modern make up. Make up effects audience and increases the circulation of newspaper.

  1. Changes in the topics of editorial:

Previously the editorials were political in nature only. Now editorials are written on economic, social and cultural problems as well. Editorial is the soul of newspaper. The columns and opinions are also important.

  1. The Authenticity of language:

Before partition journalists of urdu like zafar ali khan, hasrat mohani and abdul kalam azad were poet, writer and journalist at the same time so there was no professionalism. Now we have journalists with masters degree in journalism from universities. They are now trained professionals.

  1. The taste of the reader:

Today newspapers are written keeping in view taste of readers.

  1. Special Edition:

Every newspaper today publish special edition on subjects of wide area i.e political, education, literacy, films etc.

  1. Use of Computers

  2. Humorous Columns: are also given place in newspapers nowdays.

  3. Pictures: pictorial journalism is a product of 20th century. Pictures attract reader and give more clarity of subject.

  4. Progress in printing: offset type has bee adopted instead of lithoprinting which brought revolution. Rotary machines have been installed which print from 20 to 25 copies at the same time. Now whole newspaper along with picture is printed at the same time.

  5. Increase in circulation: there is marked increase in circulation of newspaper in Pakistan as compared to past.

  6. Reference sections established at newspaper office:

  7. Chains of Newspapers: A paper is published from several cities at same time e.g Jang is published from Karachi, Quetta, Lahore, Rawalpindi and London. Fax made this task easy.

  8. Increase in advertisement:

  9. Mutual Competition Between Newspapers:

  10. Sunday Magazine:

  11. Yellow Journalism: William Hearst was the founder of yellow journalism. Sensational news and stories are published in news papers to attract more people.

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DEVELOPMENT MADE IN PAKISTANI JOURNALISM is available to undertake level programs at .

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