ACCA Salary and Benefits in Pakistan

According to a recent survey by ACCA – largest accountancy body by students’ numbers – part qualified ACCA students can earn up to Rs. 80,000 to Rs. 100,000 despite the poor economical conditions and tough job market.

According to the published survey – Just under half (45%) of students in Pakistan received a pay rise in the preceding 12 months, compared to 63% globally. Only 1% suffered a pay cut.

Pay increases were more common in the public and corporate sectors and in financial services (54%, 57% and 57% respectively) than in public practice (25%).

Only 24% of students in Pakistan received a bonus (against 50% globally). Among bonus recipients, 56% gained a bigger sum than in the previous year, and 61% saw their bonus increase by 6% or more, perhaps reflecting the relatively high inflation rate in Pakistan.

Based on reported salaries, ACCA students and affiliates in Pakistan have good prospects, and can increase their earning power while they study: students with more than five years of experience earn three times as much as students with less than two years of experience.

Students in Pakistan perform a variety of roles and are able to focus on getting the experience needed for conversion to membership. Salaries vary greatly, but those in the most senior roles as part qualified accountants can earn up to PKR 80,000 / 100,000 a month.

Students are positive about their future pay prospects: two thirds (67%) expect to receive a pay rise in the next 12 months, with 65% of these anticipating an increase of at least 11%. A significant proportion expect to receive a pay rise or a promotion after passing exams or achieving ACCA membership.

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