Study Visa for SWEDEN, Study VISA for Sweden from Pakistan

Study Visa for SWEDEN


SWEDEN: Sweden is included in western union and is mostly surrounded by sea. Its total land area is 449964 and its population is around 10 million. Stockholm is the capital of Sweden. Its northern areas are extremely cold and for 4 to 7 month snow fall occurs here. Its ninth biggest economy of world.

Kinds of VISA for SWEDEN:

Sweden is also included in Schengen countries therefore if someone gets VISA for Sweden he or she can enter countries included in Schengen group. Following are the types of VISA for Sweden

VIST VISA for Sweden

Business VISA for Sweden

Family VISA for Sweden

Study VISA for Sweden

Work Permit VISA for Sweden

Where to Submit VISA Applications for Sweden VISA:

VISA applications are submitted through FEDEX instead of Swedish consulate nowadays. You will have to personally go to FEDEX office for submitting application along with you original CNIC. And you will get your passport from Embassy. VISA form will be provided free of cost at FEDEX office. You can also download application form from website of embassy i.e.

Address of Embassy:

Embassy of Sweden

House 4, Street 5, F-6/3 Islamabad

PH# 0900-10422

Lahore Consulate Address:

Consulate of Sweden, 5 Gulberg, Lahore

PH# 042-5753404-6

Karachi Consulate Address:

Consulate of Sweden, 5-6 Chartered Bank Chambers, I.I Chundrigar Road Karachi

PH# 021-2415697


If you desire to study in Sweden then first of all you are required to select course and University.

Required Documents for Study VISA:

  1. Complete VISA Form (Form NO 105031)
  2. Receipt of VISA Processing Fee
  3. 2 passport Sized Photographs with light blue color background.
  4. Original Passport and Original CNIC.
  5. Copies of first two pages of passport and two copies of CNIC.
  6. Acceptance letter from Swedish university.
  7. Bank Statement


After Submitting application you will be required to go through interview for getting VISA.

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