PhD in Civil Engineering

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PhD in Civil Engineering

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PhD in Civil Engineering is a 4 years PhD program taught at Lakehead University, . The program is offered in campus-based modes with full Time options. To successfully obtain PhD in Civil Engineering from Lakehead University you are required to complete 4.0 FCE credit hours. After completion of PhD in Civil Engineering you will be able to further continue for advance studies or start career as Civil Engineer, Urban Designer, Urban Manager.

Admission Requirements

The minimum requirements for admission in PhD in Civil Engineering at Lakehead University for all applicants (Domestic or International) are:

  • program specific academic requirment set by Lakehead University.
  • English Language OR any other language requirments as set by Lakehead University as pre-requiste for admission in PhD in Civil Engineering.

Note: Please check the university website in the link below.

Applicants for admission must be graduates of a recognized university and show evidence of scholarly achievement. Except where otherwise stated in the Admission Requirements of a particular program, students must have a Masters degree or its equivalent with an academic average as specified by the academic unit. An applicant holding a degree other than one in the discipline area to which admission is sought will be considered on the basis of Master's courses taken and academic standing. A Qualifying Year may be required at the Masters level to meet the admission standards. Courses taken as part of a Qualifying Year cannot be used as credit towards a doctoral degree.

Meeting the minimum requirements does not necessarily guarantee admission. No candidate will be admitted unless the academic unit recommends admission. All applicants will be advised in writing by the Office of Graduate Studies of their admission status

Applicants are accepted under the general University regulations governing the graduate degrees, provided that the requirements of the Faculty of Engineering are also satisfied.

The applicant must hold a MSc degree in Civil Engineering or a closely-related area with at least a 70% average. Admission is dependent on the past academic history of the candidate and the assessment of the referees, the availability of space in the program and the availability and willingness of a suitable faculty member to supervise the applicant. A supervisor must be identified before the student is admitted to the program. For applicants having a non-thesis master’s degree, admission may be granted only if the average is at least 80%.

Applicants shall indicate the name of a potential supervisor in the application.

Courses Units

You need to complete 4.0 FCE credit hours to successfully obtain this degree. Please check detail of study units at

More Information

The PhD in Civil Engineering program is designed for highly qualified personnel interested in a rewarding career in fundamental or applied research. The Doctor of Philosophy program involves advanced courses and an intensive research program culminating in a thesis. The development of applied research skills will also prepare PhD graduates for a career either in or outside of academia in new and traditional fields of Civil Engineering including but not limited to structural, fire safety, geotechnical, water resources, construction, environmental and transportation engineering.

The PhD program in Civil Engineering is designed to train independent researchers. Our students are called upon to perform highly specialized and original research that makes a distinct contribution of knowledge to one of the major focus areas of our program: Structural Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Construction Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Rock Engineering, Water Resources Engineering, and Transportation Engineering.

Under the direct supervision of one of our faculty members, our PhD candidates learn to review the state of current technical knowledge in an engineering research area, to identify strengths and weaknesses in this research and to devise a new research initiative to contribute to the area. Students must carry out this research project with objectivity and care, and they are expected to document and publish their results in internationally recognized journals and conferences.

Career Opportunities

You can join one of the following careers:

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