B.Sc. Cyber Security

Full Time / Part-time

B.Sc. Cyber Security

IU International University of Applied Sciences
  • $ €117/month (full time - 36 months) €98/month (part time - 48 months) €75/month (extended - 72 months)
    1st year fees
  • 180 ECTS
  • Online
  • Bachelor
  • 36 months


Digital tech is booming but with this comes increased threat of cyberattacks and the need for secure systems. There is a huge demand for security experts to identify and defend against cyber-attacks. Learn how to protect companies, customers, and systems against cyberattacks and ensure sensitive data is secure with the IU Bachelor in Cyber Security. Become a specialist in statistical and digital forensic methods and enter an exciting career field that is continually growing in importance. Study 100% online with IU.

Admission Requirements

Academic Requirements:
  • Higher Secondary School Leaving Certificate such as A-Levels, IB Diploma including your Transcript of Records.
  • Proof of eligibility to study a bachelor's degree at university in Germany.

 Depending on your chosen programme, academic level, and background, you might need to also take one of the following to make sure you are ready to study with us: 

  • Bachelor Entrance Examination 
  •  Pathway Programme 

English Level:

  • Proof of English skills.
  • If English is your native language or you graduated from an English-speaking school/university, you do not have to prove your English skills.
  • Speexx B2.2 Certificate (complimentary when signing up with IU - free of charge) 


Courses Units

Semester 1 – Modules
  • Operating Systems, Computer Networks and Distributed Systems   
  • Introduction to Data Protection and IT Security   
  • Mathematics: Analysis   
  • Introduction to Academic Work   
  • Introduction to Programming with Python   
  • Statistics - Probability and Descriptive Statistics

Semester 2 - Modules

  • Object Oriented Programming with Java   
  • Mathematics: Linear Algebra   
  • Collaborative Work   
  • Introduction to Network Forensics   
  • Requirements Engineering   
  • System Pentesting Basics

Semester 3 - Modules

  • Intercultural and Ethical Decision-Making   
  • Introduction to the Internet of Things   
  • Algorithms, Data Structures and Programming Languages   
  • Theoretical Computer Sciences and Mathematical Logic   
  • IT Project Management   
  • DevSecOps and Common Software Weaknesses

Semester 4 - Modules

  • IT Service Management   
  • Cryptography   
  • IT Law   
  • Host and Software Forensics   
  • Artificial Intelligence    
  • Information Security Standards

Semester 5 - Modules

  • Seminar: Current Topics in Computer Science    
  • Advanced Data Analysis    
  • Project: Data Analysis    
  • Cloud Computing    
  • Elective A

Semester 6 - Modules

  • Elective B   
  • Elective C   
  • Bachelor Thesis & Colloquium

More Information

One Degree, Two Qualifications: Dual Degree Offer with LSBU

IU has partnered with London South Bank University to give you the chance to turn your programme into a dual degree. When you choose this option, you'll graduate from IU with both a German degree and a British degree: a major advantage for international career prospects! No extra study courses or travelling required.

To avoid disappointment, students need to sign up for this offer within 4 weeks of enrolment, so don’t miss out!

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