M.A. Human Resource Management

Full Time / Part-time

M.A. Human Resource Management

IU International University of Applied Sciences
  • $ 60 ECTS: €183/month (12 months) €139/month (18 months) €117/month (24 Months) 120 ECTS: €150/month (24 months) €111/month (36 months) €98/month (48 months)
    1st year fees
  • 120 ECTS or 60 ECTS
  • Online
  • Masters
  • 12 months or 24 months


Demographic changes and a lack of skilled workers make HR Management a key competitive factor in companies of every size. Companies need to find qualified workers with the right skills for the job and workers need to ensure they are getting fair treatment by their employers, financial or otherwise. Our online Master in Human Resource Management gives you access to education with affortable tuition fees. It also enables you to profit from the ideal mix of business management, legal, sociopsychological and HR management subject matter as well as giving you the skills to tackle the issue of digitalisation faced by companies in the modern world.

Admission Requirements

Academic Requirements:
  • Completed undergraduate study from a public or officially recognized university/higher education institution (240 ECTS).
  • Final grade of at least "Satisfactory" or grade C (as commonly used in the and Canada).

If you are lacking ECTS credits from your previous studies, you can demonstrate professional work experience for your online degree instead:

  • To start a 60-ECTS MBA, you can “bridge” up to 60 ECTS by demonstrating 2 additional years of professional experience. This means you can access the One-Year programme already with 180 ECTS (if you prove one additional year of work experience) or 210 ECTS (if you can prove two additional years) from your previous studies.

Work Experience:

  • At least one year of work experience before the start of the IU Master program (achieved after previous studies).

English Level:

  • Proof of English skills
  • If English is your native language or you graduated from an English-speaking school/university, you do not have to prove your English skills
  • Speexx Certificate (complimentary when signing up with IU - free of charge)

Courses Units

120 ECTS:

Semester 1 – Modules

  • Human Resource Management I  
  • Human Resource Management II   
  • Strategic Management   
  • Advanced Research Methods   
  • Aspects of International Labour Law   
  • Seminar: Current Issues in International Labour Law

Semester 2 - Modules

  • Applied Statistics   
  • Employer Branding and Recruiting   
  • Talent Management & HR Development   
  • Project: Human Resources Management   
  • Leadership   
  • New Work

Semester 3 - Modules

  • People Analytics and Big Data   
  • Seminar: International Human Resource Management   
  • Electives B

Semester 4 - Modules

  • Master Thesis and Colloquium

60 ECTS:

Semester 1 - Modules

  • Human Resource Management I   
  • Human Resource Management II   
  • Employer Branding and Recruiting   
  • Talent Management & HR Development   
  • People Analytics and Big Data   
  • Advanced Research Methods

Semester 2 - Modules

  • Seminar: International Human Resource Management   
  • Electives A   
  • Master Thesis & Colloquium

More Information

Information about the start of studies

Online: Official start date 14.01.2022 (English, 120 ECTS)

Online: Official start date 15.07.2022 (English, 60 ECTS)

Information on state accreditation

Subject to state accreditation. We expect the Ministry's approval no later than the start of the programme. So far, all of our programmes have been successfully accredited and approved on time.

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