MSc Neurosciences

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MSc Neurosciences

Ludwig Maximilians University
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The members of our teaching faculty, which include GSN or guest lecturers from external institutions, believe that the overwhelming complexity of the human brain can only be explained by applying different approaches and methods of the disciplines in neuroscience. The Master's program constantly works on educating a new generation of neuroscientists. With an excellent understanding of the molecular, cellular, and systemic principles of neurobiology, our students acquire a deeper knowledge of neuron-neuron interaction, the dynamics of neuron-glia interaction, rules of information transfer in simple and complex circuits of single brain centers, interaction of different brain centers, and the function of the human brain. This educational concept of the Master Program in Neurosciences can be seen reflected in the curriculum.

Admission Requirements

Applicants for the MSc Program "Neurosciences" must hold a Bachelor's or equivalent degree in biology, psychology, medicine, physics, philosophy, or related fields.

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