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Bachelor Degree Computer Science

Trinity College Dublin
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Computer Science is concerned with the study of everything to do with computers and our relationship with them. Computer scientists are critical to the efficient running of modern societies, dealing with health, security, banking and finance, transportation, and now increasingly our interaction through social networks. Computing professionals deal with theoretical issues, solve complex problems, deal with matters of ethics and with society at large. Theoretical issues in computer science relate to the abstract notions of computation and information.

The study of these issues leads, for example, to efficient and robust algorithms for problems in many areas. Applications of computer science range from artificial intelligence to health informatics, from smart cities to information security, and from educational and training systems to analysis of content on social network sites.

Admission Requirements

Trinity College Dublin treats equally all Leaving Certificate and A-Level students on the island of Ireland in light of their status under Article 2 of the Constitution of Ireland. Trinity College will allocate fixed points to A-Level grades for the purpose of determining a student’s ranking, allocating places in proportion with current demographic factors.

For all other applicants, in the first instance Trinity College Dublin allocates ranges of CAO points to A-Level grades (and other EU grading systems) in order that these applications can be compared with Leaving Certificate applications. Once this proportion is determined, places on the course in question are offered to applicants coming from each respective examination system group on the basis of ranking within that group.

Trinity College Dublin reserves the right to make the final decision in all matters pertaining to the admissions process.

Courses Units

You need to complete 509 credit hours to successfully obtain this degree. Please check detail of study units at

More Information

Computer Science at Trinity is a challenging and exciting course with a focus on innovation and cutting-edge technology. To get the best from the course you need to be interested in developing clear logical ideas about situations and about how to develop feasible schemes (‘algorithms’) for computers to deal with these situations. You should be comfortable using mathematical techniques to solve problems. If you are knowledgeable about computers already, to the extent of building them or writing programs for them, so much the better – but bear in mind, no prior knowledge of computer science is assumed.

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