Bachelors in International Economics and Financial Markets

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Bachelors in International Economics and Financial Markets

University of Trieste
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The course aims to provide students with a strong command of both theoretical and applied economics topics together with relevant teaching in business, legal, mathematical and statistical disciplines.

Students are prepared to address and resolve problems in macro- and micro-economic environments, exploiting a multiplicity of analytical tools that combine the fundamental principles of economic sciences with mathematical and statistical methods and the necessary methodologies for their application in economics. Particular importance is attributed to the ability to model economic, social and cultural phenomena.

In a context of international integration of real and financial markets, the course analyses the overall functioning of economic systems and studies the behavior of companies, private-sector organizations and public-sector bodies that constitute these systems.

Admission Requirements

The level of preparation required for this program is typically that offered by secondary education courses. 

In particular, given the broad range of subjects in the program (economic, business, quantitative and legal studies), deductive reasoning skills are preferred.

To ensure an adequate level of preparation, the program requires students to take a compulsory test that, however, does not preclude the admission: if the outcome is unsatisfactory, additional educational requirements (OFA) must be fulfilled.

From the academic year 2018/19, the required test is the TOLC-E (CISIA Online Test for Economics) administered by CISIA (The University Consortium of Integrated Access Systems) that assesses the starting preparation of students.

Courses Units

You need to complete 180 credit hours to successfully obtain this degree. Please check detail of study units at

More Information

The entry procedure is quite simple, but a few fundamental steps must be followed:

- completion of the CISIA test by registering on the website and selecting one of the test dates offered by the University of Trieste or other member universities. A participation fee of €30 is applied

Students interested in Italian degree programs must select the "TOLC-E" test
Students interested in English degree programs must select the "ENGLISH TOLC-E"

- at this point you can proceed with the admission

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