Bachelor - Health Sciences

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Bachelor - Health Sciences

Kobe University
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Clinical inspections are a core area in modern medicine. Professionals with these skills have a central position in team medical care, which is a new development in medicine.

Those who major in physical therapy acquire the ability to view conventional physical therapy from a scientific perspective. This major aims to foster professionals who can conduct effective physical therapy based on scientific grounds.

Medical care, healthcare and welfare policies now place an emphasis on respect for individual human rights and support of independence, in step with international trends, and occupational therapists must be able to work in this environment.

Admission Requirements

  1. Mathematics
  2. Science (choose 2 from Physical Science, Chemistry, Biology, and Physical Geography)
  3. Foreign Language (choose 1 of the following: English, German, French or Chinese)
  4. Interview
  5. Application Document Screening

More Information

How to Obtain Application Guideline/Forms

  • Obtain at the faculty office for free.
  • Send a self-addressed stamped envelope (24×33.2cm) to the faculty. Please contact the faculty office for details.
  • Refer to the university website .
  • To request from abroad, please contact the faculty office.

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