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Master - Economics

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2-year Master's Program and 2-year Program for Working Professionals are two-year programs (also known as the "Former Period of Doctoral Degree Program") to obtain a master’s degree in economics. Classes for the 2-year Master's Program are given on weekdays and Saturdays, whereas the 2-year Program for Working Professionals only offers classes on Saturdays, so as to allow students to attend courses without affecting their jobs. Those who successfully complete the 2-year Program for Working Professionals and wish to further pursue their research interest may advance to the Latter Period of Doctoral Degree Program. Because classes of the program are also offered only on Saturdays, students can obtain a doctoral degree by attending courses on weekends only.

Admission Requirements

  1. Japanese, Engliish
  2. Major Subject
  3. Oral Exams
  4. Application Document Screening

*Not required to obtain an approval from a professor/supervisor in advance. No original Language Exam will be conducted by the Faculty.

More Information

How to Obtain Application Guideline/Forms

  • Obtain at the faculty office for free.
  • Send a self-addressed stamped envelope (24 ×33.2cm) to the faculty.
  • Please contact the faculty office for details. Please refer to the graduate school website .
  • To request from abroad, please contact the faculty office.

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