Master - Civil Engineering

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Master - Civil Engineering

Kobe University
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Civil Engineering aims to create a safe society in harmony with the environment through the construction and preservation of fundamental social facilities. An education in Civil Engineering is about helping to build cities and areas resistant against natural and social disasters, and living in symbiosis with nature through environmental preservation and the management and revitalization of city facilities. We accept students who aspire to become the pillars of public service demanded by society, and we equip them with wide interdisciplinary and specialist knowledge and a high level of practical skills.

Admission Requirements

  1. English and Japanese
  2. Major Subject
  3. Oral Exam
  4. Application Document Screening

* Recommended to find the professor/supervisor in advance.

More Information

This course builds upon core study themes, teaching students how to create cities and areas which are safe from natural and manmade disasters. We also study environmental conservation programs that enable us to live in harmony with nature, and work towards the maintenance and regeneration of urban facilities.

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