Bachelors of International Business

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Bachelors of International Business

Meiji Gakuin University
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Amid an ever-changing economic environment, international business requires the ability to overcome differences in language, values, and political systems. The Department’s courses cultivate international communication skills and the basic academic abilities needed to understand the problems faced by companies in the context of global markets, enabling students to acquire the competencies required to function effectively in such a dynamic setting. The Department seeks students willing to take the initiative in the increasingly borderless world of international business.

Admission Requirements

  1. Type of Personnel Sought
    1. Is equipped with the fundamental knowledge and skills, reasoning, judgment and expression abilities that are expected outcomes at the senior high school level and necessary for study at the Department of International Business.
    2. Possesses an interest in the university’s educational philosophy of “Do for Others”, the department’s educational policies and goals, as well as various issues concerning economics and corporations; understands different values and cultural backgrounds, and aspires to contribute to an inclusive society through independent study in the field of international business.
  2. Basic Policy for Selection of Students
  3. Assess whether an applicant possesses the fundamental abilities and ambition outlined in “Applicant Criteria” above.
  4. Types of Student Selection and Evaluation Methods
  5. Student selection is based on general or special entrance examinations, evaluated according to the “Basic Policy for Selection of Students” above. Prospective students may take the All-Faculty Schedule or A Schedule general entrance examinations, or the Meiji Gakuin Admissions Center Entrance Examination. Special entrance examinations include the “AO Entrance Examination by Self-Nomination”, “Entrance Examination by Recommendation (Designated School)” and “Entrance Examination by Special Recommendation (Affiliated School)”. Evaluation methods vary by type of examination, including general written examinations, English tests and interviews assessing qualities and ambitions. These examinations are used to select individuals who will study in the department and be active in society.

Courses Units

You need to complete credit hours to successfully obtain this degree. Please check detail of study units at

More Information

Aside from the support provided to all students by the university’s Career Center, students of the Department of International Business can take advantage of the Department’s own extracurricular guidance program. This program incorporates lectures by external speakers with experience of working for the personnel, hiring, and training departments of major corporations, as well as mock interviews and guidance in promoting oneself to prospective employers.

Career Opportunities

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