BSc in Psychology

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BSc in Psychology

University of Groningen
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As a psychologist you deal with human behaviour and development in many fields, including psychological treatment, education, work place, sports, environment, traffic, health, media, and more. In clinical professions, for example, you are concerned with the treatment of people with emotional or behavioural disorders or supporting patients with neurological deficits. Developmental issues are central to clinical work as well, since origins of maladaptive behaviour often lie in early childhood.

In our bachelor programme:

  • you learn about theories of the biological, cognitive, social and environmental factors influencing behaviour;
  • you obtain basic communicational and diagnostic skills necessary for work in practice;
  • you are trained to get an in-depth focus on the methodological and statistical knowledge and skills essential for scientific research;
  • you learn to reflect on scientific theory in psychology;
  • you learn to reflect on your own development as psychologist;
  • you have the possibility to focus on a domain of your own interest and that fits best with the track in your future Master programme.

Admission Requirements

  • This bachelor's programme has a selection procedure. This means that the programme selects candidates to be admitted to the programme. We choose this way of working because we would like to admit the most suitable students to our programme. 
  • Non-native English speakers must provide evidence of satisfactory results for one of the standard tests. 

Courses Units

You need to complete 180 credit hours to successfully obtain this degree. Please check detail of study units at!programme

More Information

The teaching of skills takes place in small groups under the guidance of a teacher/mentor and focuses on:

  • acquiring basic academic skills (reading, presenting, writing, study skills)
  • applying statistical knowledge and research methods
  • learning professional methods of interviewing and the mastering of group dynamics

Career Opportunities

You can join one of the following careers:

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