Master of Business Data Science (MBusDataSc)

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Master of Business Data Science (MBusDataSc)

University of Otago
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The MBusDataSc primary focus is to equip you to become a practitioner, allow you to meet the needs of industry, and solve the world's data problems. However, there will also be an alternative path that will focus on preparing students for research in the area (e.g. going on to do a master's by research or Ph.D.).

The proposed degree is inherently multidisciplinary, featuring Information Science and Marketing, which gives the degree a strong business focus and contributions from Computer Science and Statistics.

Once you have completed the MBusDataSc you will have developed an advanced knowledge of data science. You will understand how data analysis can be used in business, including identifying opportunities to use data, being aware of ethical and privacy issues and possible mitigations, and selecting appropriate means of presenting the results of the analysis. You will be able to select and apply techniques to manage and analyze large collections of data.

Admission Requirements

  • Applicants normally require a B+ average (at 300 level) in an appropriate undergraduate degree
  • In considering an applicant’s undergraduate qualification, regard will be given to the course of study followed to gain that qualification, as well as the applicant’s performance
  • Applicants with relevant practical experience may also be considered

Courses Units

You need to complete credit hours to successfully obtain this degree. Please check detail of study units at

More Information

With more and more data being captured, there is a growing need for people with the skills to manage large data collections and use them through a range of data analysis techniques. It has been said that “data is the raw material of the 21st century”.

The Master of Business Data Science (MBusDataSc) is an interdisciplinary program that encompasses understanding how data can be used in a business context, how large data sets can be managed, and how data can be analyzed. The program will also develop students’ skills in data analysis techniques and computing.

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