Bachelor of Oral Health (BOH)

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Bachelor of Oral Health (BOH)

University of Otago
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The Bachelor of Oral Health (BOH) program is an exciting new three-year degree at New Zealand’s only School of Dentistry, delivering an excellent innovative education in oral health.

Oral Health degree students will be working in a team with undergraduate and postgraduate dental and dental technology students, and with constant access to highly qualified specialist staff. Graduates will be leaders in the field, as the program ensures that its teaching and research are continually refined and improved to keep in step with oral health best-practice.

Admission Requirements

  1. Admission to the program shall be determined by the Oral Health Admissions Committee.
  2. Admission to the program is limited to 50 Domestic applicants annually (but see regulation 1(j) regarding International student admissions).
  3. Note: ‘Domestic student’ is defined in the Admission to University Statute 2011, clause 3.3.

  4. Applications for admission may be made under the following categories:
    1. Secondary School (see 1(e))
    2. One Year of University Study (see 1(f))
    3. Two or More Years of University Study (see 1(g))
    4. Graduate (see 1(h))
    5. Alternative (see 1(i))
  5. The University of Otago is committed to promote and facilitate academic equity for Māori students, and for students from other underrepresented groups, who have the potential to succeed academically.
    Applicants in any category (see regulations 1(c)) who have fulfilled the criteria as described in the Mirror on Society Policy and associated admissions entry requirements, may be considered in one or more of the Mirror on Society Category Groups.

  6. To be considered for admission under the Secondary School category, an applicant must
    1. have attained a minimum of 14 credits in National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA) Level 3 Biology or equivalent; and
    2. have attained a minimum of 10 credits in English at NCEA Level 2 or above (with at least 5 credits in Reading and 5 credits in Writing) or equivalent; and
    3. have provided a statement of interest and a current curriculum vitae.

    The selection of applicants who have met these criteria will be based on academic merit and a possible interview. Final admission is subject to the fulfillment of the University’s entrance requirements and confirmation of satisfactory NCEA Level 3 results (or equivalent)

Courses Units

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