In this country reason does not apply to anything.

In our country, numerous incidents have taken place from time to time but reasons of the majority of these incidents have not become known. People suffered at the hands of politicians and foreigners but they did not come to know why they underwent such sufferings.Nobody even dared to ask the resons. Eventually anybody asked the reasons, his voice was suppressed.There are many causes for this plight in pakistan but most important of them are lack of accountablity, lack of education,weak judiciary, feudalism and american intervention.Such situation has inflicted innumerable miseries upon people of pakistan. However, one need not be hopeless.There are ways out of such helpless situation. We can get rid of the unpalatable scenario by promoting accounability and education,streghtheneng judiciary, eliminating feudalism and by avoiding American intervention.

People of pakistan have undergone many sufferings since independence and on every occassion they could not know the reasons and causes for these sufferings. The history of Pakistan is replete with such incidents.Mr.Zulifikar Ali Bhutto was hanged but till date it has not become known why he was put to death. There are two opinions regarding his death in pakistan. Some people say he was penalized because he was going against the policies of the U.S. While others claim that he was rightly penalized by the court for his crime. Regardless of which opinion is right, people of Pakistan are still unaware of the reason for his death.

Further, Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto was assassinated but reason for her death has not yet become known. Issue of her death is also controversial. Some people say she was killed by terrorists while others are of opinion that her death was planned by Musharaf. Still there is a third opinion and according to this Mohatarma's death was projected by the U.S.Thus in both above cases, reason for the happenings has not become known.

Presently, Pakistan is waging war against the terrorists and reason for this war is also not yet known. The U.S attacked Afghanistan under the garbage of war on terror. Approximately ten years have passed but the war is still continuing. The war gradually was dragged to Pakistan, being a neighbour country of Afghanistan, and its effetcs are still felt in Pakistan.Initially Pakistan disowned the war but gradually it had to own it under pressure of the U.S. Having owned it and launched operations against the terrorists, people of Pakistan have undergone uncountable sufferings at the hands of the terrorists. But people are still asking why was this war owned by Pakistan? why people were made to suffer such miseries? answers of the questions are still awaited.

There are many causes for such situation of uncertainty.There are causes and reasons of why questions of people are not answered and why reason does not apply to anything in Pakistan. First of them and the most important is lack of accountability.If there is no accountability, how a wrongdoer will be required to give reasons for his wrongdoings? In Pakistan, nobody is accountable to law and people. Every criminal does crimes without any hesitation. These criminals range from politicians to a common man. These include politicians, beauraucrat, feudalists and dictators.Our politicians have,since independence, been corrupt bur no politician has ever been held accountable. They committed every type of political crime which resulted in political instability.Their corruption and mismanagement contributed to weakeneng of the country and its people. If people are weak and uneducated, how will they ask reasons from their politicians for their wrongdoings?Thus in Pakistan reason has never applied.
Further, beauraucracy in pakistan has also been a cause of why reason does not apply to anything in pakistan.Initially after creation of Pakistan, bearuacrats and officers were honest and God-fearing but after power regime of Ayub, corruption and mismangement made its way into the beauraucray.Sine then corruption and power hunger has been on rise in the beauraucracy but no corrupt beauraucrat has ever been arrested and held accountable. They too have contributed to weakening of the country and its people. The weak people are silent and never dare to ask any reason.

Moreover,feudalism has also been one of the causes of why reason does not apply in this country.They too are power hungry and as corrupt as politicians and beauraucrats.Their power hunger led them to suppress voice of poor people so that they can never rise against them.Weak and uneducated people are in favour of the feudalist and uneducated people never ask reason for wrongdoings.

Furthermore, military has also been a cause of why reason does not apply in this country.In pakistan dictatorship has been imposed very systematically from time to time.Democratic government and dictatorship are installed alterntely. In other words, both forms of government come in power one after another.It seems that army and civilians are secretly united in this misdeed.It is said that the worst form of democratic government is better than the best form of dictatorship, then why dictatorship has been imposed?whatever developments take place in a ountry in the rule of dictatorship, they are not beneficial in the long run.But in pakistan dictators have always weakened the country and its people. An example of the losses, which the dictators did to this country,is found nowhere in the history of pakistan. An example is the recent rule of musharaf who took side of the U.S in war against terror. It plunged the country into a dilemma from which it seems impossible to come out presently.However, no dictator has ever been held accountable despite punishment prescribed in the constitution. Every dictator violated the constitution but every time they escaped punishment.Thus the dictators have weakened the country and its people who then could never ask reasons for wrongdoings.

The second major cause of why reason does not apply in this country is lack of education.If people are uneducated how will they ask reasons and questions?People of pakistan have been subjects and victims of feudalists, politician,beauraucrats and dictators. They have been kept uneducated deliberately. Everyone, be he politician or beauraucrat, is power hungry and very systematiccaly keep people unaware so that they can never raise voice against them.Education policies are framed in such a way that they can never benefit the people.An example of such policies is the low budget, as a percentage of GDP,kept for education.

The third cause of why reason does not apply in this country is weak judiciary.Justice is one of the most important pillars of any state or society.Judicial system is the main organ which enforces what is right and forbid what is wrong.But if this system itself is weak, who will then ask reasons for wrongdoings?In pakistan judiciary has been weak since independence. In every era its independence has not been ensured.In zia ul haq's era, the judiciary,on behest of zia ul haq, sentenced Mr.Zulifiqar Ali Bhutto to death. Then in the second era of Mr.Nawaz Sharif, offices of the supreme court was attacked by workers of PML-N. and recent example of the weak judiciary is the judiciary in the Musharaf rule. In this rule judiciary was too weak to go against the dictator. The dictator replaced the constitutional judges with the PCO judges in order to weaken the juciciary.Thus the judiciary, which is supposed to be reflection of justice and voice of people, has been weak and people have not been able to ask reasons for wrongdoings through the judiciary.

Feudalism has also prevented people from asking reasons for wrongdoing.Pakistani socity is considered a feudalist society.Except a few, majority of the districts of pakistan are covered with feudalism.There is a rule of feudalists in every corner of the country.The feudalist has deliberately and very systematically kept his subject poor so that they can never raise their voice against their lords.Education is a threat to the rule of the feudalist and the feudalist deprived his poeple of the education.Feudalists, who are also parliamentarians, get the education policies framed in such a way that can hamper education process.Thus the weakened subjects of feudalists could never ask reasons for all wrong acts.

The last cause of why reason does not apply in pakistan is American intervention in this country.America is the super power of this era and presently its world order is prevailing. There are also its innumerable interests in the South Asia. In order to promote its interests in this region, its involvement in pakistan is very important.Therefore weak pakistan and its people are in interest of the U.S because strong men will raise voice against it. As a result of these policies of the U.S, people of pakistan could not ask questions about the american intervention in this country.

Effects of weak government and institutions are many-sided. Its negatives have fallen only on common man of pakistan in the shape of terrorism,poverty etc. Helplessness ensued frustration which ultimately resulted into extremism. The extremist inflicted innumerable miseries uopn innocent people of paksistan. We witness suicide bombings in which thousands of citizens are killed. Further effects of the weak pakistan and its people are also apparent in poverty.Mismanagement and inaccurate policies of the governments of pakistan always weakened pakistan and its people.Economic, social and all other policies failed which resulted in haves and have-nots.

Notwithstanding the above negatives, there are ways out of the frustration. First of all accountability needs to be promoted. It is the foremost requirement beacause all other recommendations are, directly and indirectly, linked with the promotion of accountability.For example promotion of education is also recommended to come out of the frustration.If accountability is lacking, recommendation for promotion of education may not be implemented because implementers may not be afraid of accountability. If accountability is promoted, all peoples and officials of all the institutions of pakistan, including political parties, army, bureaucracy and feudalism, will be afraid of doing misdeeds.

Further, education should also be promoted. Educated peoples are a reflection of a strong country.If education is promoted, people will become aware and identify between right and wrong.Thus they will ask reasons for wrongdoings.

Moreover, judiciary should also be strenghthened. Judiciary represents people. Strong judiciary will reflect strong country and its people.If judiciary is weak,how will wrongdoers be brought to justice?Strong judiciary is important for implementing other requirements because it will be a plateform to hold people accountable who do not implement any recommendation.Judiciary must be independent and supplied with honest and God-fearing judges.

The poor should also be set free of trap of the feudalist.The network of the feudalism needs to be broken.In order to weaken the feudalists, three steps need to be planned and implemented. First, landholding of the feudalist should be distributed among the poor. Second, education among the poor should be promoted on war footings.Last, the feudalist should not have a say in the parliament. If these steps are implented, the feaudalist will automatically become weak.

Lastly, american intervewntion in our country need to be checked.It has done innumerable losses to the country which ultimately weakened the country and its peple.In order to get rid of the U.S intervention, pakistan should explore other options.China has repeatedly offered assistance and bail out package.Friendship with india should be promoted which has been a major reason for pakistan to incline towards the U.S.

Life is changing continously and many events take place whose reasons do not become known. Ae should forget past and focus on the future. Reasons for many events will not become known if the above recommendations, especially propmtion of accountability, are not implemented.

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