Sectional Controvery

During the years 1861-1865 United States witnessed one of the severest, struggles between North and South which turned out to be the greatest civil war in history.

The war was precipitated by the decision of a number of states of the south to secede from the Union and ended in the defeat of the South and the preservation of the Union.

It also resulted in the abolition of slavery and acceleration of the economic development of the country

Q.1. Discuss the 'Sectional controversy' in the United States between 1845-1860. To what extent can it be attributed as a cause of the outbreak of the Civil War?

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As. The sectional rivalry between North and South was not the most important issue faced by America after the Mexican war As a result of the Mexican war certain territories acquired the South-west. Even before these territories had been acquired David Wilmot, a Congressman from Pennsylvania bad proposed in

1846 that slavery should be excluded from any territory that might be acquired from Mexico. Although this proposal of it or was not passed by Congress, it provoked bitter controversy regarding

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