Electricity Crisis in Pakistan

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Pakistan is facing worst electricity crisis in her 65 years history and as a result load shedding and obstruction of it is increasing day by day and recent duration of load shedding is 8 to 12 hours. Country economy and development is most influenced by obstruction of electricity and this crisis had destroyed lives of all people whether he is poor or rich.
The utmost important question is that why this crisis had increased in these following years?
Following are some reasons of it:

1): high cost of oil on international level in years 2007-08 consequently increased gradually expenditure of electricity. Similarly this cost was high in 2009 and in 2010 as well.

2): cost of exporting oil increased due to less value of rupee than of dollar.

3): after N.F.C award depending more on tax income in petroleum has also multiplied difficulties while cost of furnace oil is also increased .On average, 25 gram furnace oil is used on production of one unit of electricity. Similarly as compare to past, cost of one unit is increased to 16.1 rupees from 4.57 rupees, this is 253 percent high. Yet electricity cost is not increased by Government according to this proportion.

4): high rate of production and use and theft of it are other causes of this problem.

5): low value of rupee is continuing in circular debt and decreased proportion of receiving bills is another reason of electricity crisis.

6): most happening reason of this crisis is decreased supply of gas to power systems which results in less production and high expenditure.
In other words we can say that we had moved to expensive electricity produced by furnace oil that is of 16 to 17 per unit instead of cheap electricity produced by gas of 5-6 rupees per unit. All these factors are contributing this crisis to be worse and worse.
Following are some suggestions to control this crisis in very short time period:

1); as we have seen that supply of gas is high to transport department than to electricity producing companies which had increased this crisis .so first of all supply of gas to transport department should be less and it can be done through deciding cost of C.N.G by managements.

2): Government can increase cost of C.N.G than of petrol by heavy excise duty in fiscal year of 2013-14.after this C.N.G in transport will not be useful for public. This saved gas should be supplied to those plants which progress is better than 50 percent.

3): the gas gained from Sui is not supplied to power system. So next task of Government is that they should resolve t these issues as soon as possible and supply of gas to power plants should be ensured.

4): 3500 C.N.G stations are present in our country .Govt should think about purchasing these stations worth of 10-20 million each.

5): the servants in power supply department are using electricity free of cost. This facility should be stopped.

6): Govt should bring professional and skilled people in distributional companies .Able people should be director and head of these companies and they should be given target for their task and duty.

7): in regulatory body of this department NEPRA, professional and able people should be appointed and they should be given target of technical audit of K.E.S.C and of other institutions.

8): similarly in finance department of PEPCA and WAPDA experts of economy should be appointed.

9): coal projects should be started as soon as possible.

10): incomplete projects of energy should be given attention and work on finding other cheap and adoptive resources for production of electricity should be started soon.

These all suggestions should be applied in 100-180 days and if Govt is serious to resolve this crisis then they can control and check this crisis. In recent federal budget 2013-2014 selected amount for energy sector is 2 billion and 50 crore rupees. If it will be used according to policy then electricity crisis can be checked in coming years.

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