Explanation of Surah Al-Feel

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This is an early Meccan Surah. Feel mean elephant . It has one section and 5  verses. This surah refers to an event that happened 50 das before the birth of  the holy Prophet (PBUH).
Abraha, a bigot and christan ruler of yemen  constructed a magnificent church in yemen and decreed that should that people  should treat it as the house of God. However he soon realized that his ambition  would not be satisfied so long the Kaaba remained intact at Mecca. So he led a  big expedition against Mecca in order to destroy the Kaaba and halted at  Makhmas.
He had an elephant named mammoth who refused to move from makhmas to  Mecca. In mean time swarms of birds less than a pigeon in size appeared from red  sea who dropped on them the stones of backed clay and all perished.

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    Domus Academy & Class Editori Scholarship Competition, Italy, 2014

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