Forestry paper, 2006 CSS

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Forestry paper, 2006 CSS is open for . The scholarship allows level programm(s) in the field of taught at . The deadline of the scholarship is .

Attempt five questions, Question # 8 is compulsory.

Q1- What important factors will you consider while selecting tree species suitable for agro forestry? Please discuss.

Q2- In the presence of severe constraints of nearly all vital resources required for implementing any massive afforestation programme, what alternatives do we have for increasing forest production in the country? Give outline of a workable strategy.

Q3- How far are mangrove forests threatened by reduced downstream flow of Indus? Justify if such apprehension is a reality or a myth.

Q4- Discuss the role of various wood-based industries in achieving the goals of national forest policy and in accelerating poverty alleviation.

Q5- Rive rain forests were at one time considered to be inexhaustible natural wood mines with remarkably high growth rate. What has gone wrong with thee forests and what remedial measures of practical significance do you propose for rescuing and promoting these?

Q6- What does Watershed Management mean? How can Crop Farming, Fruit Orchards, Timber Forestry, Grazing Grasslands and Managing Wildlife Parks be made compatible with it? Is conventional Watershed Management possible in northern reaches of Indus River? Discuss.

Q7- Write short notes on the following:

(a) Mulching
(b) Soil Humus
(c) Dieback of Dalbergia sissoo
(d) Evaluating Forest Sites
(e) Leguminous shrubs and trees


(A) Write down the correct answers to the followings:

  1. Volume of a tee log based on breast height diameter is ________ volume of same log based on mid point diameter.

• Less than
• Equal to
• More than

  1. Quarter girth volume of a log _____ true volume of the same log.

• Less than
• Equal to
• More than

  1. basal area per hector of two neighboring similar forests can be easily and reliability compared by ________

• EC meter
• Abneys level
• Relascope
• Prismatic compass
• None of these

  1. Most deficient natural resource in our rangelands is_________

• Soil fertility
• Inferior forage species
• Rainfall
• None of these

  1. Which type of vegetation yields maximum flow of clean water into our rivers ____?

• Multistory forest
• Single storey forest
• Gras cover
• Farm crops
• None of these

(B) Complete the following technical names correctly fro the list provided in the end:

  1. Morus ______

  2. Tamarix _____

  3. Salmalia _____

  4. Populus ______

  5. Antilope ______

(nitolica, spicergera, malabarica, modesta, cuminii, orientaliis, aphylla, gazalla, cervicapra, dettoides, alba, camadulensis)

(C) Indicate the statements as true or False:

  1. As a matter of birth truth, range areas of Pakistan cannot develop no matter what to do.

  2. If we can only assure attractive market for our farm grown small logs, agro forestry will make phenomenal progress beyond all expectations.

  3. Forestry education is not a child’s play and should not be allowed to become cheap thing in every one’s hands. It is something serious, sacred and vital. For best results it should be restricted to a few deserving intellectuals and managed federal institutions.

  4. Porcupine is a notorious diurnal herbivorous rodent causing serious damage to young trees.

  5. River Neelum is a major tributary of River Jehlum.

(D) Fill in the blanks:

  1. Hog deer is found along ___________ and in marshy areas.

  2. ________ is he main species of game mammals of Pothowar tract.

  3. Wood is predominantly made of cellulose and _______.

  4. Which large carnivorous wildlife species was recently caprued by staff of Margalla national Park? ___________

  5. Lal Suhanra national park is internationally known for game ____________ mammal.

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