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Forestry 2010

Part I
Mcq's statements

1. forest that have never been subjected to human disturbances are called as:
2. vegetation type with trees widely spaced among herbaceous or shrubby vegetation is known as:
3. plants which can with stand dry condition are called as:
4. the thin layer of living meristimatic cells between bark and wood which by cell division from new bark and wood is called as:
5. a gradient of change in species composition related to habitat is:
6. forest with all trees of same species is called:
7. an organism that feeds primarily on leaves of trees is called as:
8. piece of wood made by removing two or more sides is called as:
9. capacity for both vegetative growth and flowering over an extended period of time is called as:
10. conservation of species or population inside their natural habitat is called :
11. natural or constructed channels covered with an erosion resistant grass that transports surface run off to a suitable discharge point at non erosive rate is called as:
12. a rapid in stream is called:
13. a tree with a cavity of hollow in which mammals sleep and/ or rear their litters is called:
14. a worldwide grouping of similar communities commonly described by dominant vegetation is called :
15. deep or bottom parts of aquatic environments is called:
16. long growing multi-stemmed eucalyptus generally 2-10 m tall and with a woody lignotuber is called as:
17. a machine for shaping a piece of wood by holding it at its end and rotating it rapidly against a cutting tool is known as:
18. distortion of intended shape of a piece of wood is known as:
19. external features , the form or appearance of forest is called as
20. the process by which ice and snow waste away owing to melting and evaporation is called:

Part II

Q.2 a)Effects of silvicultural activity of eucalyptus trees on ecological processes in irrigated forests ,the Punjab, Pakistan? 10
b) Discuss phytosociology and structure of Himalayan forests from different climatic zones Pakistan. 10

Q.3 How many times forest policies in Pakistan have been revised and what new was added and adopted in each policy? Discuss the merits and demerits of current policy in the light of war on terrorism in forest epicenters in northern areas of Pakistan.

Q.4 There are more than 21 national Parks of Pakistan. Give detail of bioecology or the most important park. Discuss endangered species in this part and steps to be taken for amelioration or conditions of the parks to make it important in ecotorism.

Q.5 Forest resources are important for countries like Pakistan with a n agro-based economy. Discuss in detail these resources keeping in view soils and rainfall regime in Pakistan. Also give an account awareness programs run by NGOs or public sectors to conserve and preserve these resources.

Q.6 Livestock provides with many services to the mankind. Evaluate status of grazing animals of rangelands in Pakistan. Discuss problems of graziers in these land and measures to overcome the problems in enhancing livestock production. What are prospects of increasing agro-grazing in Punjab, Pakistan.

Q.7 Discuss steps in managing water resources for environmentally sustainable irrigated agriculture Pakistan. Design a community-based watershed management support project. Explain complementary role of research and teaching in Courses Dealing with Integrated Watershed management.

Q.8 Write a short note on any Four of following:
i)lise of satellite in forest mensuration
ii)management of water resources for sustainable agriculture in Pakistan
iii)Principle of range management
iv)steps of enhancing forest production
v)arid wild lands in Pakistan
vi) social forestry
vii)forest products protection
viii)micro watershed

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