Forestry Paper CSS 2004

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Forestry Paper CSS 2004 is open for . The scholarship allows level programm(s) in the field of taught at . The deadline of the scholarship is .






NOTE: Attempt FIVE questions in all, including question No. 8 which is COMPULSORY. All questions carry EQUAL marks.

  1. Enlist four basic Principles of Range management. Describe in detail one of the principles, which you would prefer to apply to increase forage production in the Range land areas of Baluchistan.

  2. Define Retrogression. In what way this parameter would guide a Range Land Manager to take timely action for improvement of the Range Land.

  3. Length of a Felling Cycle is determined by Silvicultural and Economic parameters. Discuss each one with respect to Conifer forests.

  4. Describe different approaches to identify quality of a Forest Site. Which one of the approaches is most practical and why?

  5. Discuss in detail Interpretative Facilities that would enhance public enjoyment of Out-door Recreation.

  6. Differentiate between the followings:
    (a) Forest Compartment and Forest Apartment
    (b) Particle Board and Hard Board
    (c) Floating PB and Fixed PB
    (d) Working Plan and Working Circle
    (e) Quarter Girth formula and Cylindrical formula

  7. Write short notes on the following:
    (a) Pneumatophores
    (b) Point Sampling
    (c) Hydrosere
    (d) Discount rates
    (e) Seigniorage


p align="center">COMPULSORY QUESTION

  1. Write only the correct answer in the Answer Book. Do not reproduce the questions.
    (1) Marco Polo sheep was discovered by:
    (a) WWF
    (b) G. Mountfort
    (c) T. J. Robert
    (d) IUCN
    (e) None of these

(2) Protected Forest is the one where in
(a) No right is admitted
(b) One half rights are admitted
(c) One third rights are admitted
(d) All rights are admitted except those which are prohibited
(e) None of these

(3) Yield Table is the one which shows:
(a) Age clauses, Number of trees, Diameter and Basal Area
(b) Small wood volume, Large wood volume and A
(c) CAI, MAI and B
(d) A, B and C
(e) None of these

(4) Breast height is universally accepted to measure girth, diameter and Basal area at:
(a) 4 feet
(b) 3.5 feet
(c) 4.5 feet
(d) 5.5 feet
(e) None of these

(5) A Chir forest being managed under Uniform system with 100 years rotation has a regeneration period of:
(a) 10 years
(b) 20 years
(c) 25 years
(d)30 years
(e) None of these

(6) Timber is a wood other than firewood with over bank diameter at thin end as:
(a) 6 inches
(b) 8 inches
(c) 10 inches
(d) 12 inches
(e) None of these

(7) Stacked wood volume is a volume of wood staked in a place measuring:
(a) 30x4x4 feet
(b) 40x5x5 feet
(c) 50x8x8 feet
(d) 20x5x5 feet
(e) None of these

(8) Small wood is a wood ranging between diameters of:
(a) 2 to 4 inches
(b) 2 to 6 inches
(c) 2 to 8 inches
(d) 3 to 9 inches
(e) None of these

(9) Punjab Forestry Research Institute is located in:
(a) Bahawalpur
(b) Lahore
(c) Faisalabad
(d) Rawalpindi
(e) None of these

(10) Eucalyptus is a highly suitable species for:
(a) Sandy areas
(b) Agriculture lands
(c) Saline and Water logged areas
(d) Cold desert
(e) None of these

(11) Hybrid Poplar is a highly desired species grown by the farmers of:
(a) Sialkot in Punjab
(b) Kashmor in SIndh
(c) Sharsada in NWFP
(d) None of these

(12) In the Forest Policy of 1955, one of the major recommendations to increase area under forests in new colonies was to reserve:
(a) 5% of land and water
(b) 10% of land and water
(c) 15% of land and water
(d) 3% of land and water
(e) None of these

(13) Office of the Inspector General of Forests is located in the Ministry of:
(a) Food and Agriculture
(b) Local Govt. and Rural Development
(c) Environment
(d) Commerce and Trade
(e) None of these

(14) Changa Manga Irrigated Plantation was established in:
(a) 1825
(b) 1866
(c) 1877
(d) 1790
(e) None of these

(15) Kirthar National Park is basically established to:
(a) Explore oil and gas
(b) Stabilize sand dunes
(c) Protect Sindh Ibex
(d) Quarry precious stones
(e) None of these

(16) Jupiter Forests are also known as “Living Fossils” due to their extremely slow growth and longevity. These are specifically located in:
(a) Northern Areas of Pakistan
(b) Baluchistan
(c) Coastal belts of Sindh
(d) Rawala Kot in AJK
(e) None of these

(17) According to the Forestry Statistics of Pakistan, the country is facing wood shortage of:
(a) 18 million cu m
(b) 15 million cu m
(c) 12 million cu m
(d) 10 million cu m
(e) None of these

(18) Main species of Himalayan
(a) Acacia modest and Olea ferruginea
(b) Pinus gerardiana and Pinus roxburghii
(c) Pinus wallichiana and Abies pindrow
(d) Pinus helepesis and Populus ciliata
(e) None of these

(19) Pakistan Journal of Forestry is published by:
(a) Faisalabad Agriculture University
(b) NWFP Agriculture University
(c) Punjab Forestry School, Ghoga Gali
(d) Miani Forest Research Station, Hyderabad
(e) None of these

(20) Cotta’s Formula is simple and famous among forestry students. Which one of the followings stand for this formula:
(a) Volume=4x Volume/R
(b) Volume=4x Volume/Increment
(c) Volume= Increment x R/2
(d) Volume=Increment
(e) None of these

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