Forestry Paper CSS 2005

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Forestry Paper CSS 2005

Attempt five questions, question No.8 is compulsory

  1. What are major environmental problems of Pakistan ? how could knowledge of forestry help in combating these problems ?

  2. Proper management and use of resources in a given range are based on four important fundamental criteria. Describe the same in detail with respect to range areas in cholistan desert

  3. What are different temperate zones of Pakistan ? Relate different forest types of Pakistan to these temperature zones. Give correct binomial nomenclature of major species representing each forest type in this respect.

  4. Define range condition. Analyze range condition by drawing a relationship between grazing intensity and percent plant composition by using your own hypothetical data.

  5. describe selection coppice system. Which forest type of Pakistan is being worked out under this system and why ?

  6. A) Define Forest nursery. What is the need of raising a forest nursery ?
    B) Calculate the number of seeds required to be sown per square foot in a bed nursery to obtain 200 seedlings by using the following data
    No. of seeds per pound = 19000
    No. of transplants per pound = 900

  7. Write Short notes on the following :
    a. Merit four pasture rotation system
    b. Plotless sampling
    c. Tree fallow
    d. Nurse crop
    e. Cover crop

  8. Write only the correct answer in the answer book, do not reproduce the question

1). Natural habitat of black buck is
a) kirthkar range b) makran coastal belt c) cholistan desert d) none of these

2). Dhaman (cenchrus ciliaris ) under grazing pressure is

a) decreaser b) increaser
c) invader d) non of these

3). Medicago species is classified as

a) grass species b) forb species
c) tree species d) non of these

4). Dumpy level furnishes
a) horizontal line of sight b) vertical line of sight c) curvilinear line of sight d) non of these

5). Resumed lands are the lands surrenders by big landlords under the land reforms act of

a) 1955 b) 1960 c) 1965 d) none of these

6). Private owners can offer their lands to the forest department for afforestation under the Pakistan forest act 1927 vide its section no.

a) 19 b) 38
c) 57 d) non of these

7). Guzara forests were set aside to meet bonafide domestic needs of local communities at the time of first settlement of land ownership in

a) 1872 b) 1890
c) 1936 d) non of these

8). Cock chafer grubs are the major pests which attack plants at

a) seedling stage b) sapling stage
c) tree stage d) non of these

9). Forest development corporation is located in

a) mirpur, aj&k b) Islamabad
c) lahore d) non of these

10). Stand table consists of columns showing
a) diameter, number of trees and height b) diameter and number of trees
c) number of trees only d) non of these

11). Basal area is determined by measuring diameter
a) near the top of the tree b) middle of the tree
c) base of the tree d) non of these

12). Arid zone research institute is located in
a) bahawalpur b) mirpurkhas
c) jacobabad d) non of these

13). Climax species of subtropical broad leaved evergreen forests are
a) shisham and mulberry b) paper mulberry and eucalyptus
c) oak and snatha d) non of these

14). Ayubia national park is located in
a) Rawalpindi b) haripur
c) chora gali d) non of these

15). Rain water harvesting is a technique applied in areas having rainfall
a) 300 mm b) 400 mm
c) 600 mm d) non of these

16). Water spreading is a technique applied to collect rainfall water into
a) dams and reservoirs b) streams and rivers
c) wells and pools d) all of the above

17). Deosai national park is located in
a) ajk b) nwfp
c) balochistan d) non of these

18). Alkaloid ephedrine is extracted from ephedra plant which is naturally distributed and managed by the forest department in the province of
a) snidh b) nwfp
c) balochistan d) non of these

19). Engineer’s chain used in chain survey has a length of
a) 100 ft b) 150 ft
c) 200 ft d) non of these

20). Formula of glorious simplicity is represented by
a) annual yield = growing stock/r b) annual yield =v/2r x L
c) annual yield = 4 v/L x R d) non of these


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