GEI Fellowship Programme, German and Foreign Citizens, Germany, 2014

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GEI Fellowship Programme, German and Foreign Citizens, Germany, 2014 is open for . The scholarship allows level programm(s) in the field of taught at . The deadline of the scholarship is .

Each year, the Georg Eckert Institute offers fellowship  programme for the promotion of international academic exchange and the  development of international textbook research, with a particular emphasis on  comparative approaches. Fellowships are usually awarded for a period of one  to one-and-a-half months, with a minimum duration of two weeks. Both German  and foreign nationals are eligible to apply for this fellowship. Candidates  for a fellowship should hold a university degree or have attained a comparable  qualification in the field of education. The applications deadline is 15  September.

Study Subject(s): Thisfellowship programme is  offered for the promotion of international academic exchange and the development  of international textbook research, with a particular emphasis on comparative  approaches. Course Level: This fellowship is awarded for  pursuing research programme. Scholarship Provider: The  Institute’s research fellowships and stipends are funded by the German Federal  Foreign Office and by the Friends and Supporters of the Georg Eckert  Institute. Scholarship can be taken at: Germany

Eligibility: -Candidates for a fellowship should hold a university  degree, or have attained a comparable qualification in the field of education.  We also welcome applications from people who are involved in the writing of  textbooks or employed by textbook publishers, as well as those whose activities  in the field of education are concerned with curricula and textbooks. -The  work to be undertaken during the fellowship must be conducive to the Institute’s  own work or projects in the field of international textbook research. Some  fellowships are reserved for individuals who conduct projects affiliated with  the Institute. -The Institute may occasionally offer fellowships attached to  a specific topic on a competitive basis.

Scholarship Open for International Students: German and foreign  applicants can apply for this fellowship.

Scholarship Description: The textbook library of the Georg Eckert  Institute is an unparalleled resource for international textbook research, as is  demonstrated by the continuously high demand among researchers from Germany and  abroad for the research facilities it provides. In order to fulfil its purpose,  the Institute relies upon close and ongoing contact with scholars and  educational practitioners from Germany and around the world. With this in mind,  the Institute and its supporters have established a fellowship programme for the  promotion of international academic exchange and the development of  international textbook research, with a particular emphasis on comparative  approaches. The fellowships are awarded in particular for -research  motivated by the desire to promote understanding among nations through  education. This research is aimed at identifying prejudices, distortions in  perception, and stereotyped and adversarial images transmitted in education, as  well as their origins, by means of analysing educational material -international educational and didactical research on the methods, content and  objectives of teaching in the subject areas in which the Institute’s library  specialises; research in the field of the fundamental governmental,  institutional and social frameworks in which this teaching takes place -academic research on issues of perception and reception in the fields of  history, geography and social science -studies on textbook development in  the subjects represented at the Institute which aim at identifying new  directions for the production of textbooks based on comparative international  textbook research.

Duration of award(s): Fellowships are usually awarded for a  period of one to one-and-a-half months, with a minimum duration of two  weeks.

What does it cover? Fellows receive a monthly stipend of  1,000 Euro. The Georg Eckert Institute will not automatically reimburse travel  expenses. Nevertheless, fellows may apply for a travel allowance, which may be  granted, provided funds are available, in cases of demonstrable need. The  allowance will cover up to 50% of the fellow’s travel expenses, to a maximum of  500 Euro. Fellowship holders must ensure that they are covered by adequate  health insurance for the duration of their stay.

Notification: Interviews will be held with selected candidates as  soon as possible after the application deadline.

How to Apply:Applications should be submitted by post or,  preferably, by email. Applications for a fellowship should include: -name,  address (fax, email) -a short CV, containing details of the candidate’s  professional background and/or academic career to date, including information on  his/her current position and language skills -a list of publications, if  any -a one- to three-page outline of the proposed research topic, describing  its aims and methodology -a specific list of the primary and/or secondary  literature which the candidate wishes to study at the Institute; this documents  the importance of a research stay -desired dates and duration of stay at the  Institute

Scholarship Application Deadline: Applications should be  submitted by 15 September of each year for the following year.

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GEI Fellowship Programme, German and Foreign Citizens, Germany, 2014 is available to undertake level programs at .

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Following subject are available to study under this scholarship program.


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