Goethe International Postdoctoral Fellowships Programme (GO-IN), Germany, 2013

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Scholarship Description:

Goethe International Postdoctoral Fellowships Programme (GO-IN), Germany, 2013 is open for . The scholarship allows level programm(s) in the field of taught at . The deadline of the scholarship is .

Goethe University is offering postdoctoral fellowships for international  applicants in the field of structural biology, cell and gene therapy, oncology,  biodiversity and climate research, economics, finance and management. Up to 12  postdoctoral fellowships which will be hosted in at Goethe University are  awarded. Duration of the fellowship is 12-24 months according to requirements of the planned project. Application should be submitted till August 15,  2013.

Study Subject(s): Fellowships are provided  in the field of structural biology, cell and gene therapy, oncology,  biodiversity and climate research, economics, finance and management at the  Goethe University in Germany. Course Level: The  fellowships are available for pursuing postdoctoral degree level at  Goethe University in Germany. Scholarship Provider: Goethe  University, Germany Scholarship can be taken at: Germany

Eligibility: -Full-time research experience of minimum 4  years (incl. PhD) and max. 10 years, part-time experience is to be converted  into full-time equivalent -Applicants may have not spent more than 12  months in Germany in the past three years -Completeness of the application  form and further documents -Applying for a time span between 12 and 24  months -The research project generally fits into one of the participating  research areas

Scholarship Open for International Students: International  students can apply for the fellowships.

Scholarship Description: The Goethe International Postdoc  Programme (GO-IN) will comprise up  to 12 postdoctoral fellowships which will be hosted in one of the key research  areas at Goethe University. The programme focuses on incoming mobility  and addresses junior researchers from all nationalities. Goethe University in  Frankfurt am Main is one of the largest universities in Germany with  approximately 41,000 students, 2,650 PhD students and 560 professors in 16  faculties. Embedded in a metropolitan area of considerable economic strength,  with a sizeable international population and a cosmopolitan spirit, the  University covers a wide range of subjects.

Number of award(s): 12 postdoctoral  fellowships are offered.

Duration of award(s): Fellowships are offered  for 12-24 months according to requirements of the planned project.

What does it cover? Fellows receive 5475 Euros per month  before taxes and social contributions (like health and unemployment insurance).  This includes a living and travel and mobility allowance. If fellows bring their  own children, another 380 Euros will be added per month. Mind that taxes and  social contributions in Germany are quite high. Furthermore, a research cost  contribution of 800 Euros per month (lab-based research) or 500 Euros per month  (theoretical research) is allocated to a fellowship.

Selection Criteria: Competence of the fellow -Quality  and results of previous research with regard to the planned research project -Potential or recognized excellence evaluated with regard to previous research  activities, publications and, if applicable, previous third-party funding raised  by the applicant -The applicant’s scientific independence -International  experience, research activities in an international context, transnational  mobility -Additional evaluation criteria regarding teaching, supervision,  teamwork, knowledge transfer, management experience, public awareness  activities, intersectorial mobility, practical experience Scientific  quality of the planned research project-Novelty and  originality of the planned research project -Impact and benefit to the  fellow’s career -Precise goals, clear perspective of the project -Target-oriented use of research funds -Realistic time schedule of the  project -Integration in the respective research context of Goethe  University For each criterion each member of the SC can assign up to three  points. An average between the total sums of all Selection Committee members  will be formed. All applications below 22 points in average are not considered  for further interrogation.

Notification: Not Known

How to Apply: The mode of applying is online or  email. Including the following documents: -completed application form incl. Applicant’s curriculum vitae and optional  prizes/awards as well as own extramural funding, patents etc. -a letter of motivation (max. 2,500 characters) -a scanned  copy of the doctorate degree expressly indicating the date on which the  doctorate was awarded -a scanned reference letter of one senior member of your current institution -Description of the project (max. 25,000 characters, spaces incl.) including a  detailed working plan and financial overview on how the Research Cost  Contribution (500 Euros per month for theoretical work, 800 Euros per month for  lab-based work) will be used. -Ethical issue’s table (only if you would  answer one or more questions in the table with a yes)

Scholarship Application  Deadline: The application deadline is August 15,  2013

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Goethe International Postdoctoral Fellowships Programme (GO-IN), Germany, 2013 is available to undertake level programs at .

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Following subject are available to study under this scholarship program.


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