IDEX Global Fellowship Program for International Fellows, India

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Scholarship Description:

IDEX Global Fellowship Program for International Fellows, India is open for . The scholarship allows level programm(s) in the field of taught at . The deadline of the scholarship is .

IDEX Global Fellowship Program for International Fellows, India

Applications are invited for IDEX Global Fellowship to take part in six months of entrepreneurial leadership training across India. During the six-month fellowship cycle, IDEX fellows work full-time with a social enterprise partner (in India) in addition to completing IDEX’s Entrepreneur Leadership Training. Fellows gain emerging market experience while working hands on with socially-focused enterprises who deliver high impact solutions in local and global communities. IDEX recruits fellows from all corners of the world.


  • Candidates must possess the minimum qualifications to be eligible for the IDEX Fellowship:

  • Bachelor or Masters/Graduate Degree (BS/BA/BBA must be obtained prior to start of program);

  • Ability to perform in a high pressure environment;

  • English fluency (written and spoken);

  • Ability to legally work in India for six months (IDEX will provide more information on the business visa application process).

  • Minimum of 1-3 years of professional work experience;

  • Excellent listening and communication skills (written and verbal).


Ideal Candidate:

IDEX values diversity and passion. We believe the unique perspectives and experiences of each fellow leads to greater impact in the field.

Candidates are chosen from a diverse yet competitive pool of talented, passionate individuals from a wide range of geographies, professional and academic backgrounds and ethnicities. In the selection process, we are seeking to understand your passion and the value you bring to IDEX and the larger social enterprise sector.


Applicant Should Have:

  • Proven track record of leadership responsibilities;

  • Demonstrated passion for social enterprise and improving quality of life for low-income communities;

  • Ability to work in new and challenging environments with limited resources;

  • Willingness to work with low-income populations in developing economies and demonstrated practical skills in relationship building, cultural sensitivity and thrive in a start-up environment;

  • High interest in working in emerging markets;

  • A passion and desire to work in emerging markets and use social enterprise principles to solve global issues;

  • An ability to quickly adapt and work in resource constrained environments;

  • Desire to engage in an intense professional development experience while applying; creative solutions to deepen impact;

  • Committed to make an equity investment of time, energy and capital in their personal growth and professional development.



  1. Tuition for the 2015 Global Fellows Program is $3,500 USD.  Tuition is payable prior to program orientation.

  2. Tuition covers all educational expenses of the program, including:

  3. All educational modules including leadership programs, development plans, academic mentoring, and professional development.

  4. Pre-departure Virtual Training

  5. Lodging for the fellow training and orientation, in addition to all meals and and transportation from field training location to the fellow's permanent placement city.

  6. Monthly capacity building sessions

  7. IDEX 20/30 Curriculum (includes print and mobile app version) and supporting materials

  8. IDEX Field Support Staff

  9. Post-fellowship support and Alumni network opportunities


Tuition does not cover:

Tuition does not cover airfare or travel to/from placement city, visa costs or daily living expenses during program such as food or utilities.

Daily living expenses, such as food, utilities and other miscellaneous expenses.


Housing is covered in full by the social enterprise partner. Fellows are not responsible for paying or securing housing during the six-month program. Housing accommodations are arranged by IDEX program staff and enterprise partners. Fellows are housed in double or triple occupancy accommodations with other fellows. During the six month program, housing is located in the city within reasonable distance to the placement enterprise.


Fellowship Stipends

IDEX estimates that fellows living expenses, while in India, will average $250- $400 USD per month based on the city placement. Fellows will receive a modest monthly living stipend (approx. $100-$150 USD/month) towards the fellow's cost of living expenses. The amount of the monthly stipend will be based on the cost of living in the fellow's placement city. Please note the monthly stipends are intended to reduce a portion of the fellow's living expenses but are not intended to cover all estimated monthly living expenses.



Through generous funding from Gray Matters Capital Foundation, IDEX is able to a limited number of full and partial scholarships for the 2015 Program to select candidates.

  1. Fellows must first apply and be accepted into the fellowship program in order to receive awarded funding.

  2. Scholarship funding will be used towards program tuition.

  3. Scholarships are based on funding availability.

  4. Application submission does not guarantee full or partial funding.

  5. Late applications will not be accepted.

Gray Matters Capital Scholarship Fund

Partial Tuition Award Amount: $500 USD – $3,000 USD

Gray Matters Capital Scholarship Fund provides scholarships for global fellows seeking to participate in the IDEX Accelerator program. Funding is awarded to the most promising candidates who demonstrate a commitment and passion to continue working in the social enterprise sector post fellowship. This application is open to all global applicants.


InvestWISE Scholarship Fund

Full Tuition Award Amount: $3,500 USD

As part of our commitment to investing in the transformation power of women’s leadership, IDEX has launched the InvestWISE scholarship Fund with the goal of empowering and training future women intrapreneurs to provide them with the experiences, connections and a global platform to assume leadership in social impact sectors.  Funding is awarded to the most promising candidates who demonstrate a commitment to continue working for a socially progressive enterprise post-fellowship. We are looking for applicants who are interested in working in the subsectors of Agriculture, Clean Energy, Education Technology, Impact Investing, ICT/Technology, Public Policy, and Sanitation/Water. This Scholarship Award is restricted to female applicants only.

 Application Deadline: 31 Aug 2014

Further Details:

Please Click Here to visit the Official website of university.

Degree Level:

IDEX Global Fellowship Program for International Fellows, India is available to undertake level programs at .

Available Subjects:

Following subject are available to study under this scholarship program.


    Achievement Scholarships for International Undergraduate Students: Engineering and Information Technology, University of Technology Sydney


    International Achievement Award of Civil Engineering at University of Birmingham, UK

    oppurtunities according to your interest