If Gold Rusts what will Iron Do (CSS 2013)

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If Gold Rusts what will Iron Do .

(CSS 2013)

The maxim focuses that Gold does not get rusted and it is the iron which get rust. Here Gold has been taken as an adjective for defining purity , honesty, morality, ethics and civilization. Gold being pure does not get rust and remain free from abnormalities and iron get rust easily. It is because of this quality that Gold does not get rust its a premier metal and iron is not. So taking word gold in meanings of some thing or some one which is free from all evils and immune to all bad conditions this maxim can be better understood. A person who is thought to be free from all evils for example a pop or molvi, or a Judge or Qazi or Ombudsman, commits irregularity and exercise dishonesty in his job what can be expected from a common person who has no knowledge or is not educated. It also implies that when rulers in a nation are corrupt one can not expect good deeds from its public.

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    Achievement Scholarships for International Undergraduate Students: Engineering and Information Technology, University of Technology Sydney


    PostDoctoral Fellowship Program for International Students at Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI), USA

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