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International Engagement Awards 2013, Wellcome Trust, UK

Wellcome Trust offers international engagement research awards. The International Engagement Awards have been relaunched after the  success of the previous scheme. The scheme has been refocused to award  projects that are linked to Wellcome Trust-funded research.

Deadline: 19 Aug 2013


International Engagement Awards are for projects that support  Wellcome Trust-funded researchers in low- and middle-income countries  to:

  • engage with the public and policy makers

  • strengthen capacity to conduct public engagement with biomedical science and health research

  • stimulate dialogue about research and its impact on the public in a range of community and public contexts

  • promote collaboration on engagement projects between researchers and community or public organisations.

Projects could engage:

  • communities and members of the public (particularly those affected by or involved in biomedical and health research)

  • science communicators, health and science journalists

  • healthcare professionals, educators, field workers, community workers

  • policy and decision makers.

Examples of the kinds of projects we are interested in supporting include   ‘Doi Moi’ [PDF], a Vietnamese theatre project exploring bacteria and hygiene, and the   Art in Global Health projects that supported artist residencies in six Wellcome Trust-funded  research centres to look at personal, philosophical, cultural and  political dimensions of health research.

The audience for the project, and the engagement activity, must be in a    low- or middle-income country.

If you are interested in conducting research into the effectiveness  of science communication or engagement, you may be interested in our    Society and Ethics schemes.


To be eligible, you must be either:

  • directly funded by the Wellcome Trust (as a researcher, research group or institution); or

  • working with a researcher, research group, institution or consortium directly funded by the Wellcome Trust.

We encourage informal discussions about potential project ideas  before you submit an application, although we cannot review draft  applications.

To apply for a grant of up to £30 000 for up to three years, complete a   preliminary application form [Word] and submit it to the Trust by the date indicated under the ‘Deadlines’ tab.

We will assess preliminary applications for eligibility, their link  to Trust-funded research and the quality of the proposed engagement  project. If your preliminary application is successful, we will invite  you to make a full application.

Please note that applications that do not have an appropriate link to Trust-funded research will not be accepted. Such links must be agreed with the Trust-funded grantholder in advance of submission.

Final decisions will be made approximately five months after the preliminary application deadline.

Larger grants of more than £30 000 can be applied for by invitation only to support exceptional projects.

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