Italian Government Bursaries ,Foreign and IRE Students ,Italy

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Scholarship Description:

Italian Government Bursaries ,Foreign and IRE Students ,Italy is open for . The scholarship allows level programm(s) in the field of taught at . The deadline of the scholarship is .

For 2013/14 academic year, applications are open for Italian government  bursaries from January 1st 2014 onward. These bursaries  are available for international and IRE (Italian Residents Abroad) to  study in Italy. Two types of bursaries are awarded i.e. three monthly  bursaries for Italian language and culture course, Italian language  teaching course and for study or research projects and six or nine month  bursaries for individual university courses, university degree courses, advanced  professional training, art and music courses, Master’s Degree, Doctorate  Courses and individual or jointly supervised study or research projects.

Study Subject(s): These bursaries are awarded for studying  courses offered by the Italian universities. Course  Level: Bursaries are awarded for study and/or research programmes at  public and legally accredited Institutions of their choice, based on the  approval of the selection committee. Applicants may request three monthly  bursaries for a) courses in Italian language and culture b) Courses in Italian  language teaching and c) Study or research projects at non-private Italian  research Centers. Applicants may request six or nine month bursaries for: (d)  Individual university courses (e) University degree courses (Levels I or II) (f)  Advanced professional training, art and music courses (g) Courses in Italian  language teaching (h) Masters Degree courses (Levels I or II) (i) Doctorate  Courses (l) Schools of specialization and (m) Individual or jointly supervised  study or research projects Scholarship Provider: Italian  Ministry of Foreign Affairs Scholarship can be taken  at: Italy

Eligibility: Applicants may request three monthly bursaries  for; a) courses in Italian language and culture: Applicants are asked to  provide proof of enrollment in a foreign university and of having passed at  least a Level A1 Italian language test. Admittance is only to courses with a  minimum duration of 3 months and of an A2 university level or higher; applicants  must be enrolled in the 3rd year or higher and have passed at least one  university level Italian language exam in their home country. b) Courses in  Italian language teaching: Applicants must be foreign teachers with documented  experience in teaching Italian as a foreign language (IFL) in their country of  origin. Admitted are only courses of a minimum 3 month duration given at the  Universities for Foreigners of Perugia, Siena, “Dante Alighieri” of Reggio  Calabria and Roma Tre or other institutions accredited in the certification of  knowledge of Italian as a foreign language. Upon completion of the course  attended the bursary-holder will have to sit the required exams. c) Study or  research projects at non-private Italian research Centers – Laboratories –Libraries – Archives – Museums: Projects must have prior written approval, in a  letter to the applicant from an Italian host institution supervisor. The letter  must state the supervisor’s willingness to accept responsibility also for  assessing the bursary holder’s performance both during and at the conclusion of  the study or research activity -Applicants may request six or nine month  bursaries for: (d) Individual university courses: Applicants must provide  certification both of enrollment in a foreign university and of pre-acceptance  by the Italian university where they intend to study. (e) University degree  courses (Levels I or II): Applicants must provide proof, valid in their place of  residence, of having completed upper secondary school and/or first level  university studies depending on the University Level they intend to follow   (f) Advanced professional training, art and music courses: Applicants must  provide proof, valid in their place of residence, of having completed upper  secondary school studies for admission to State or legally accredited academies  or conservatories. It is advisable to have a letter of pre-acceptance from the  Italian Institution chosen. (g) Courses in Italian language teaching:  Bursaries for teacher training or refresher courses, reserved for foreign  teachers of L2 Italian language courses, and university students with a degree  equivalent to the Italian short degree who have passed at least one university  level Italian language exam in their country. (h) Master’s Degree courses  (Levels I or II): Applicants must have a degree corresponding with the Italian  first or second Level degree depending on the Master’s course chosen and  eventual other documentation as requested by their chosen Italian  institution. (i) Doctorate Courses: Since admission to research doctorates  in Italy is regulated by strict provisions issued by individual universities, in  addition to the requirements listed in the previous point, applicants are  required to have established contact with the university of their choice before  submitting their bursary applications in order to agree on admission  requirements. -Age limits for applicants: Unless otherwise indicated in the  executive programme of cultural agreements with individual countries, new  bursary or renewal applications cannot be accepted from applicants above 35  years of age at the date of expiration of this announcement. In no case may  bursaries be awarded to applicants under legal age. The applicant age limit can  be extended to 45 years for teachers of the Italian language with documented,  ongoing Italian language teaching experience in their country of origin.

Scholarship Open for International Students: International students  can apply for these bursaries.

Scholarship Description: The Italian Government announces the bursary  programme for foreign students and IRE (Italian Residents Abroad) to study in  Italy during the Academic Year 2013/2014. The program aims to promote  international cultural cooperation and the diffusion of Italian language,  science and culture, also promoting the projection of Italian economy and  technologies abroad. The programme is offered by the Italian Ministry of Foreign  Affairs, through its diplomatic mission in the accredited country of the  applicants, to foreign citizens or Italians resident abroad (IRE), living and  residing in selected countries wishing to study at Italian public universities  or other public institutions of higher education. Bursaries will be awarded with  a priority to students who shall demonstrate through the excellence of their  curriculum the ability to complete with profit their studies in Italian public  study institutions.

Degrees/certificates awarded: First and second level University Degree – Teaching certificate of Italian as a foreign language –Italian Language  Certificate – Certification of individual University course completion – Level I  and II Masters Degree – Doctorate Diploma – Certificate of completion of  research – Advanced professional, art or music specialization or  diploma.

Duration of award(s): The only bursaries to be awarded for the  2013/2014 academic year will be of three, six or nine month duration. Exceptions  may be made in particular cases. Start dates must be from January 1st 2014  onward, and duration cannot exceed 31 December 2014.

How to Apply: Before filling their application, students  should contact Italian diplomatic representatives or Italian Cultural Institutes  in their country of citizenship, for detailed and country specific information  about this offer. The online application “Borse On Line” for the academic year 2013-2014 has been  updated to reflect the new rules. Completion and submission of the online  application form presumes acceptance of the rules indicated on the website

Scholarship Application Deadline: Application forms must  be received on-line by midnight (Italian time) Friday, May 31st 2013.

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Italian Government Bursaries ,Foreign and IRE Students ,Italy is available to undertake level programs at .

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