Italian Government Scholarships 2015 for Foreign and National Students

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Scholarship Description:

Italian Government Scholarships 2015 for Foreign and National Students is open for . The scholarship allows level programm(s) in the field of taught at . The deadline of the scholarship is .

Italian Government Scholarships 2015

Italian Government is offering scholarships to citizens of all countries as well as to citizens of Italy. Under Italian government Scholarships Program 2015 eligible students can apply for Masters and PhD program in all available subjects. During scholarship the student will get full tuition fee, Insurance completely . The last date for submission of application is 13th May 2015.

Participating Institution: Following Institution(s) are participating

All Italian Universities and Higher Education Institutions

Note: Scholarships are only for study and/or research projects within the Italian public education and research system

Subject Offered:  All subject are offered

Degree Level Offered: The scholarships are offered for the following type of courses: Undergraduate University courses (renewals only); Postgraduate University courses; Master’s Degree courses (Levels I or II); Ph.D. Courses; Specialisation Schools; Research under academic supervision; Courses of Higher Education in Art, Music and Dance (AFAM); Advanced Courses on Italian language and culture Courses for Teachers of Italian as second language.

Eligibility: To be eligible for  Italian Government Scholarships 2015 Program following eligibility conditions are required.

  1. Educational Qualification: Candidates must have the credentials requested for enrollment in the institution of their choice. All credentials and certificates of study must be submitted along with their Italian translation.

  2. Knowledge of the Italian language: Knowledge of the Italian language is indispensable. Applicants must possess a certificate of intermediate level in Italian (e.g. CILS B2, CELI 3, PLIDA B2 or INT.IT Roma Tre) or equivalent linguistic competence issued by a local organization or language school (e.g. Italian Cultural Institute, Dante Alighieri Society branch etc.). Applicants for enrollment in advanced vocational training, art and music courses or University courses held entirely in English, must have at least an A2 level of competence.

  3. Age Limits: Applicants who are under age (younger than 18) or older than 35 on the day of the deadline for the submission of the applications (see below) are not eligible. Their applications will not be considered.
    EXCEPTION: This age limit does not apply to applicants who are Italian language teachers and actively engaged in teaching Italian. Teachers of Italian as second language are eligible until they are 45 y.o. (on the day of the deadline for the submission of the applications).

  4. Restrictions: Students enrolled in a year exceeding the legal duration of the course of study (the so-called “fuori corso”) are not eligible for scholarships.

Eligible Nationalities:  Citizens of following countries are eligible.

afghanistan, albania, algeria, angola, argentina, argentina, armenia, austria, azerbaigian, belgio,bielorussia, bolivia, bosnia-erzegovina, brasile, brasile,bulgaria , cile, cile , cipro , colombia, colombia , congo brazzaville, congo rdc, croazia, croaziaosimo, cuba, danimarca, ecuador, egitto, eritrea, eritrea, estonia , etiopia, etiopia, federazione russa, filippine, finlandia , francia , gabon, georgia, germania, ghana, giappone, giordania, grecia, guatemala , india, indonesia, iran, iraq, irlanda, islanda, israel, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kosovo, Estonian , libya, lituania , lussemburgo , macedonia, malta , marocco, messico , moldova, montenegro, mozambico, nicaragua, nigeria, norvegia, paesi bassi , pakistan, paraguay, perù, peru' , polonia , portogallo , regno unito , rep. ceca , rep. di corea, rep. popolare cinese, romania , san marino , senegal, serbia, singapore, siria, slovacchia , slovenia, sloveniaosimo, spagna, sudafrica, sudafrica, sudan, svezia , svizzera , tailandia, territori palestinesi, tunisia, tunisia

Selection Criteria: Not Known.

Application procedure:

  1. Applications will be made online.

  2. All applicants must complete and submit the on-line application.

  3. Applicants for Italian government scholarships are requested to obtain country-specific information from the Italian diplomatic mission or Italian Cultural Institute of their country of origin, either in person or from the institutional websites.

  4. Information provided will include: applicant requirements, application deadlines, bursary types, number, description and monetary amount of bursaries, AND selection procedures.

  5. Before submitting their applications prospective applicants for Italian bursaries must contact the university or institution in Italy where they intend to study and are advised to be as fully informed as possible about the institution and course of study.

Deadline: Last date for application submission is 13th May 2015

Further Information (Official website link)

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Degree Level:

Italian Government Scholarships 2015 for Foreign and National Students is available to undertake level programs at .

Available Subjects:

Following subject are available to study under this scholarship program.


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