Italy : CNR-IMATI Research Fellow, Genova

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Italy : CNR-IMATI Research Fellow, Genova is open for . The scholarship allows level programm(s) in the field of taught at . The deadline of the scholarship is .

CNR-IMATI invites applications for a two-years research fellow in the fields of shape analysis, knowledge formalization, and medical applications, within the Project ÒMethods and Techniques for the Development of Innovative Systems for Modelling and Analysing Biomedical Data to Support Computer-Assisted DiagnosisÓ, funded by the Programme Po Cro Esf European Social Fund Liguria Region 2007-2013, Priority Iv, Specific Objective 1/6, Concerning The Activity Field Of Research And Innovation Hub POLITECMED.
JOB DESCRIPTION =============== Recent advances in medical imaging provide accurate and reliable three-dimensional data, which are currently used in several applications, such as diagnosis, planning of radiation therapy, image-guided surgery, and forensic medicine. The research team will develop new methods and technologies for modelling, analysing, and visualizing three-dimensional medical data. These aims will be achieved by integrating shape analysis techniques for the extraction of morphological characteristics of pathological nature with knowledge domain for shape annotation, also considering the underlying physiological and biological processes. All these factors are of great importance and complexity in the health sector for the development of innovative ICT technologies to support the diagnosis phase. The integration of quantitative parameters extracted from multi-modality imaging techniques will allow the generation of more accurate predictive models of normal and dysfunctional behaviour of organs and tissues. This innovation will be improved by the extraction of physiological parameters, which are then used to generate more accurate virtual models of normal and disease states. The research activities of the Project will involve CNR-IMATI, Softeco Sismat Srl, and the Innovation Hub POLITECMED.
The successful candidate will perform research in close collaboration with researchers of the Shape Modelling Group at CNR-IMATI for the development of innovative systems for modelling and analysing biomedical data to support computer-assisted diagnosis.
HOSTING RESEARCH INSTITUTION =============== The successful candidate will work in direct collaboration with researchers of the Shape Modelling Group, which is a research team of the Institute of Applied Mathematics and Information Technology, branch of Genova (IMATI), of the Italian National Council of Research (CNR). The mission of the group is to advance research in the field of geometric modelling and computer graphics. Geometric modelling has been a key research topic at IMATI for several years. Geometric modelling is a set of mathematical and computer science techniques which relate to different fields, such as geometry, computational topology, and computer graphics. The main aim is to describe the shape of an object or phenomenon, through the definition of geometric primitive entities and the classification of the reference context. Currently the research activities of the SMG are grouped into two main research units: (i) advanced techniques for 3D digital shapes analysis and synthesis; (ii) coding, elaboration and restitution of multidimensional media knowledge. In the first research activity, fundamental research is performed on algorithmic and computational methods for shape modelling, processing, analysis and retrieval, using geometric and topological approaches. To this aim, new models for the representation of topological and geometrical information are defined, and new tools for the classification and recognition of shape features and topological structures are developed. In the area of multidimensional media knowledge, the aim is to define a new modelling paradigm, based on the formalization of several aspects related to the shape, which can be used to formalize the geometric form of an object (geometric model) as well as the set of contexts, or views, which could use this model (semantic model). The research target of the SMG is to broaden the role of traditional modelling by the definition of new strategies for shape representation and analysis, in order to highlight the semantic level that better reflects the perception of shapes.
LOCATION =============== Istituto di Matematica Applicata e Tecnologie Informatiche Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche Via de Marini 6 16149 Genova ITALY
PROFILE =============== To the selection may apply individuals who, whatever their nationality or age, have a Master Degree or Ph.D in Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, or Physics.
The prospective candidates should be fluent in English, should have a background in computer science, and possibly practical experience with methods and techniques for shape analysis, knowledge technologies, and programming languages. Furthermore, interest and good skills in learning new programming frameworks and 3rd-party code are welcome. We are seeking a highly motivated research fellow, with curiosity, open-mind, creativity, persistence, and collaborative-work ability.
CONTACT DETAILS =============== Candidates are invited to contact Dr. Giuseppe Patan by e-mail ([email protected]) for additional information and details on the research topics and selection procedure.
APPLICATIONS =============== Applicants must follow the rules of the Call for Participation available at the following URL:
The deadline for the application submission is: October, 5th, 2012. Applications in advance with respect to this deadline are appreciated.
LINKS =============== Project investigators and contact details - Dr Giuseppe Patan, URL: - Research group -CNR-IMATI, Genova URL: -Shape Modelling Group URL:

Application Deadline :  30 September 2012

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Italy : CNR-IMATI Research Fellow, Genova is available to undertake level programs at .

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