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Journalism Paper, CSS 2013 is open for . The scholarship allows level programm(s) in the field of taught at . The deadline of the scholarship is .



01. The phrase "the medium is the message" was coined by:
(a)Wilber Schramm
(c)Herbert Marcuse
(d)None of these

02. An advertorail is
(a)A news
(b)An article
(c)An editorial
(d)None of these

03. There is immediate feedback in:
(a) Mass communication
(b)Interpersonal communication
(c)Top-down communicatio
(d)None of these

04. Film is a:
(a)Hot medium
(b)Cool medium
(c)Medium with low definition data
(d)None of these

05. APNS is a:
(a)Newspaper workers
(c)Newspaper hawkers
(d)None of these

06. A communication message is decoded by:
(d)None of these

07. Dawn newspaper was founded by:
(a)Faiz Ahmed Faiz
(c)Allama Iqbal
(d)None of these

08. Communitarian journalism is:
(a)Civic journalism
(b)Public journalism
(c)Yellow journalism
(d)Both (a) and (b)

09. The originator of phrase "fourth state" describing a press was a:
(d)None of these (Edmund Burke)

10. AP is a news agency of:
(d)None of these

11. Scoop is:
(a)Exclusive story
(b)Sensational story
(c)Scandal story
(d)None of thse

12. Yellow journalism got its name from a:
(a)Cartoon character
(b)Yellow kid
(c)Both (a) and (b)
(d)None of these

13. Libel is:
(a)Spoken accusation
(b)Written accusation
(c)Spoken defamation
(d)None of these

14. Muckrakin investigates:
(d)None of these

15. Classified ads are:
(a)Classified information
(b)Brief advertisements
(c)Both (a) and (b)
(d)None of these

16. A banner headline of a newspaper is printed:
(a)In a box
(b)In the middle of a page
(c)Across a whole page
(d)None of these

17. PID is a:
(a)Federal government department
(b)Provincial department
(c)Military department
(d)None of these

18. A newspaper article depicts the opinion of:
(d)None of these

19. A brief description of a picture in words is called:
(d)None of these

20. Tahzibul Akhlaq was launched by:
(a)Maulana Zafar Ali Khan
(b)Maulana Hasrat Mohani
(c)Maulana Abul Kalam Azad
(d)None of these

2. Is communication a reciprocal process? Comment in detail.
3. Describe in detail the educational and news functions of journalism.
4. Have newspapers lost their importance after the fast growth of cable television and social media in Pakistan? Comment.
5. Critically analyse the watchdog and lapdog role of public and private TV channels in Pakistan.

6. Public relations manipulates the news. Comment in detail.
7. Describe the socail and economic aspects of advertising.
8. Press freedom and responsibility go hand in hand in a democratic society. Comment.
9. Write short notes on the following topics:
(i) Magazine journalism
(ii) Press release
(iii) Editorial
(iv) Non-verbal communication

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